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Money Money Money Kids and Money

Eventually we all need money.

Learn how you can make and save money with these online resources.


  • Labor Day
    The official holiday for the working man. Kids work too!

  • What Working Teaches Us
    What you can learn when you get a job.

  • Can I Work?
    Know the laws about kids working where you live.

  • Summer Jobs
    Tips from kids like you on how to find a summer job.

  • How to Find a Job
    Tips to help you find your first job.

  • Volunteering
    Why it's important to help out when you can. It's not always about money.

  • Babysitting
    The first job many kids will have is babysitting. Learn how to get started.

  • Money Online
    Great sites online to help you get started investing and saving your money.

  • Three Cups
    A Simple and Effective Way to Teach Children about Money

  • Escape from the Rat Race
    Rich Dad series author Robert Kiyosaki shares his experiences and helps you understand your finances.

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