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Meet Jeremy McGee, President

Name: Jeremy McGee
Title: President of, Inc. and high school senior

The Interview

KE Q: What exactly do you do at your job?
Jeremy: Right now, most of my time and energy goes into As President, my primary job is to steer the company in a direction that will allow it to be a major player in our market segment. This includes directing content, promotions, employees, and most importantly, raising investment money to keep us afloat.

KE Q: How old were you when you first started?
Jeremy: I started my first company, JM Computer Services, Inc., when I was 14. The company expanded and grew at a rapid pace over the next few years. In 1999, sales topped $200,000 and I was one of 3 national finalist for the Young IT Entrepreneur of the Year contest!

KE Q: What education is required to do what you do?
Jeremy: Most of my education (business related) has come through real-world experiences. Entrepreneurship is all about making mistakes, learning from them, and not making them a second time! That's what I've tried to do, and encourage fellow entrepreneurs to do. Success is a journey, not a destination. Entrepreneurs forget that all the time...even old and experienced ones. I like to think everything I do is a success if I learned from it.

KE Q: Are you still in school - if so - why?
Jeremy: Yes, I am still in school. I am a Senior at North Augusta High School. Why?? There are two answers to that question. First being that SC state law requires me to go to school. Second being that I like school, the interaction with other people my age, and all the other trimmings. That's part of the reason I plan to go to college. I want to experience college life while also learning a bit here and there :)

KE Q: How did you get noticed? Was it hard to start your own company?
Jeremy: Getting noticed...hmmm...that's what all nine zillion Internet companies in the world are trying to do in order to stand out from all the dot com hype. To be honest, it's a LOT easier when you're young. In my opinion, companies should use whatever assets they have to compete with other companies. If age and recognition is one of their assets, then so be it. Starting a company at ANY age isn't easy. However, I think doing it young is the best time because you have the least to don't have a family to support or a morgage to pay on.

KE Q: What can a kid do to get the 'first break' that you did?
Jeremy: Do something worth noting. Do something that older folks wouldn't expect a young person to do. This gets people's attention and with that comes their "first break"..whatever it might be.

KE Q: Any advice you have for kids in the same field? Should they work for themselves or work for someone else?
Jeremy: The best advice that I've ever heard was when I heard Guy Kawasaki speak, and he said "never let the bozos grind you down." If I could pass anything on to other children it would be that same thing. This is especially important at a young age. Older people will say "your idea is neat, but won't make money"...."your concept is great, but you can't implement it at your age"...."you won't have time to dedicate enough to the company"...and the list goes on. The trick is learning how to tune all of this out and prove them wrong.

As far as working for themselves or others, I think that's a personal choice. As for myself, I think I work best when I am working for myself, to some extent. It's always good to have SOMEONE to answer to though!

Two Toads

Read the Chat Transcript with Jeremy McGee. Thanks go to Jeremy for the interview and being a guest in chat. Drop by TwoToads to see what Jeremy is up to.

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