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Let's Go Green Kids Let's Go Green Kids

Most of us probably had our first experience with “going green” when mom or dad told us, “Bottles go in this bucket, cans go in this one.” Of course, we didn’t call it “green” then. We were age 11 or 12, maybe even older. We may have grudgingly done as we were told but the fact is, it just wasn’t that interesting. But in today’s world, Green is in. And bay area music trio “Let’s Go Green!” is making “going green” fun for a whole new generation of young children.

“Let’s Go Green!” founders Murray Orrick, Randy Phillippe and Scott Urquhart all shared a common talent and a common cause. The talent was music - they’ve all spent years as professional musicians - and the cause was bringing the “green” message to young children. So they wrote ten very catchy songs, released them on the “Let’s Go Green Kids!” CD and have followed it up with T-shirts, canvas shopping bags, an interactive web site and a live show. Songs like “Recycle It”, “Solar Shuffle” and the title track, “Let’s Go Green” are fun and memorable songs kids (and parents) can’t get enough of. Each song has a different theme yet they all contain suggestions and reminders of simple ways we can all help clean up the planet. The CD and merchandise have been so popular they had to re-order more inventory just three weeks after their July 1st launch!

The live show has been equally well received. Just by word-of-mouth alone (and after two very successful shows at the Marin County Fair) the group has been asked to perform at numerous other upcoming events around the bay area. “We knew we had something special,” comments co-founder Murray Orrick, “but we honestly had no idea how instantly popular this project would be. It’s actually a little overwhelming.” Orrick shares the stage with singer/songwriter Randy Phillippe. Together they have a positive upbeat presence and a humorous rapport audiences are immediately drawn to. Couple that with the amusing, almost slapstick puppetry and props of Grammy-nominated songwriter/producer Scott Urquhart, and the show takes on a magnetic charm for young children (and of course, the young child in all of us!)

“Let’s Go Green” is currently working on a video to accompany the title track as well as a documentary on the unlikely yet serendipitous story of how “Let’s Go Green” came to be.

Let's Go Green Kids web site.

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