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MINNEAPOLIS ­ March 27th, 2006 ­ XTREME Bubbles LLC owned by John R. Erck, a 20 year old entrepreneur, has set a Guinness World Record: “World’s Largest Free Floating Soap Bubble.” The massive bubble measured 105.4 cubic feet. If filled with water, it would hold 788 gallons and weigh 3.2 tons! John was able to accomplish this amazing feat by using a product he helped develop called beeboo™ Big Bubble Mix.

A team of PhD scientists gathered in Farmington, Minnesota in October 2005 to provide 100% accurate documentation to the Guinness World Records™ committee. The team was comprised of Dr. Monte Ramstad, a pioneer in fully synchronized 3-dimensional digital photography, and Dr. Fadil Santosa, a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Minnesota.

Dr. Ramstad photographed the bubble with a series of synchronized cameras located at predetermined angles and measured focal lengths while Dr. Santosa determined the volume of the bubble using various mathematical functions.

Cool facts about the “World’s Largest Free Floating Soap Bubble”

  • If the bubble was filled with water it would total 788 gallons and weigh 3.2 tons!
  • 13,627 baseballs would fit inside!
beeboo™ Big Bubble Mix Philosophy
“In our day and age of television, computers and video games, having fun outside often times seems to be a thing of the past. beeboo™ Big Bubble Mix is our attempt to provide creative and entertaining forms of outdoor fun for everyone.” ­ John R. Erck

The Creation
The developers of beeboo™ purchased a big bubble wand that included directions on how to make your own “homemade” bubble solution. They followed the directions verbatim and were extremely disappointed with the results. The idea of beeboo™ Big Bubble Mix was born. The creators decided that an activity as fun as blowing big bubbles should be easy, convenient and readily available to everyone. Now it is! beeboo™ products are available at: beeboo™ is just the ticket needed for hours of outdoor fun!

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