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Kids Turn News Launches All-New Mosaic Feature on Create

Disney Cr is excited to present Create, an entertainment portal that offers a brand new way to interact with Disney character art and graphics. Logging on to Create enables fans to work with Disney art through great applications that help create and design art work, comic books, music videos and much more. It’s also a great way to express creativity and communicate with other Disney fans.

In July, Create is launching an all-new feature called the Group Wall, where thousands of original pieces of art are created around a central them and then added to a larger mosaic. The first group wall is themed around, what else but Mickey Mouse – the one that started it all. The Group Wall mosaic is updated in real time so users can watch as new artwork is added, and it features unique tools allowing guests to locate their artwork within the mosaic.

Create is an entertainment portal on, the No. 1 ranked community-family and parenting destination on the Web. The Create portal launched on in August 2009, and features a set of creativity tools that offer an entirely new way to interact with Disney characters and stories. For the first time, guests have access to rich Disney character art and graphics to design their own works of art then share them with other guests online. Create builds on the vision created long ago by Walt Disney, “A focus on creativity and engaging the imagination of the guest.” The Create portal was developed by the award-winning Disney Online Kerpoof Studios based in Boulder, CO, which specializes in building Internet-based creative design tools for children.


Create Apps allow children to design artwork, comic books, music videos, animated pets and more, all using Disney characters and graphics. They can share their creations with friends and family or publish them on The following apps are available:

    Comic Creator
    Craft a comic book using favorite Disney characters. Guests lay out pages using fun and wacky graphics, text and images to create their own rich narrative.

    Digital Painter
    Paint like a master artist, right in your browser, using tools, textures, and fun pens. Create a masterpiece that can be shared for everyone to see!

    Illustrate an animated online pet that can be individually styled and customized. Guests choose from a number of different animals, each with its own collection of pre-set animations, interactions, and accessories. Guests can even make up their own wild and wacky pet by mixing and matching animal parts.

    Photo Mashup
    Combine photos of favorite Disney stars with hip stickers and cool gear to create personalized images for use on a computer desktop, phone, inside a school locker, or any other fun application guests can dream up.

    Music Slideshow
    Compose a harmonious mix of images, text, and sound. Guests create their own music videos using photos of Disney stars, their own text, and a choice of songs from artists such as Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers.

    Group Wall
    In July, an innovative new community gallery called the “Group Wall” will launch on Create. The first Group Wall theme is a “Tribute to Mickey” and will build a dynamic mosaic portrait of Mickey Mouse with user-generated content.

    My Portfolio
    Create an online art portfolio on to share with friends, filling it with creations from all of the Create activities – digital paintings, comic-books, pets and more.

Community Features
    My Creations
    The My Creations page is all about you, the Guest. Here you can log in and find your avatar, personal stats (stars, fans, and D-Points) as well as your art. Also new with Create 2.0 is the ability to become a fan of your favorite artists, and to “favorite” individual pieces of art.

    Guests on Create can now spend D-Points to give each other gifts, like blue ribbons, pieces of pie, or even animals! Simply click on a piece of artwork, navigate to the gifts tab and press “Send a Gift.” All gifts are public, so Guests can keep track of the gifts that others have already sent.

    The new galleries page allows for a more “customizable” Create experience. Love all things Mickey? Select Mickey Mouse from the drop-down Galleries menu to find what Guests are creating!

    Artist Pages
    Find some great art on the Featured Artists page? Want to see more? Each artist’s avatar and D-Name is hyperlinked to a public version of his or her My Creations page. This page allows anyone to easily browse all of an artist’s shared work, and view his or her personal stats, Favorite Art and Favorite Artists.

    Featured Artists
    The Featured Artists page showcases the artists that are currently prominent on Create. The focus of the page is the new Featured Artists player, which displays a slideshow of high-rated user-generated content. Create’s newest artists are also highlighted on the page.

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