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PhotoSuite III - 2.4 K Kids Product Review:

PhotoSuite III, Family Edition
MGI Software

Would you like to do more with your photos online - or, just have a better way to organize them?

Photosuite III - Family Edition is fairly easy to use photo imaging software designed for both the novice and pro.

Whether you are cropping photos or adding special effects the capabilities are all here. You can organize your photos in albums or customize for slide shows. The intuitive interface makes doing this fairly easy even for the novice. You can even add music and other special effects to you slide shows that will impress your family and friends.

MGI Software is a world leader in the development of PC Photography software and the creator of such acclaimed products as MGI PhotoSuite II and MGI VideoWave II. MGI Products have won over 60 awards and have garnered high praise from industry experts all over the world. Distributed in over 25 countries and 12 languages. Online support is available for their products as well as descriptions and ordering information.

System Requirements include:

    Operating System:
    Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0 (SP3)
    Internet Explorer 5 (required and included)

    Pentium 166 MMX minimum (266 MMX recommended)
    32 MB of RAM recommended
    SVGA Video Card
    800x600 Screen Area
    24-bit True Color (2 MB Video Ram)
    80 MB Hard Drive Space, Plus 50 MB Hard Drive space for IE5 and DirectX 6

    CD-ROM Drive
    28.8k modem for access to Internet (recommended) Your favorite Internet service provider is required to access the Internet
    Color Printer (recommended)
    Scanner or Digital Camera (optional)

Drop by the PhotoSuite III, Family Edition web site for more details.

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