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Snap watch Kids Product Review:
Snap Watch

Product:Go-Anywhere Disposable Watch
Distributor: Hogwild Toys
Price: $9.99 US

Tired of worrying about losing or breaking an expensive watch when you are busy playing and enjoying an active lifestyle? Try Snap Watch.

Snap Watch Go-anywhere watches comes in black and silver tubular designs with eight different colors of Alpine climbing rope to choose from.

Includes long life Alkaline battery.

3 sizes: Small = 6.5", Medium = 7.5", Large = 8.5"

Fun to Wear
Snap Watch If you spend a lot of time outdoors, riding your bike, roller blading doing extreme or not so extreme sports, and worry about an expensive watch you should be wearing a Snap Watch.

This inexpensive watch fits with your life style and you won't have a fit if you lose or break it.

Instructions to set your watch come inside the package. It's a bit tricky at first to get the small buttons pressed and your time set, but once you do you shouldn't have to change it until Day Light Savings Time.

I gave my son one to wear when he is out and about and won't have to worry if he loses it. They also make neat gift ideas for the active youth.

You can visit Hogwild Toys on their website. A store locater is available to find their products in stores near you, or you can order right online.

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