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Fender Bender Kids Product Review:

Product: Posable Magnetic Sculpture
Distributor: Hogwild Toys
Price: $7.99 US

Sometimes in life things just don't need a purpose. That is the case with Benders - they are simply, fun, cute toys.

The Benders are durable plastic coated wire characters that have magnets in their hands and feet - the animals have magnets in their four paws.

You can bend, sculpt and pose The Benders into any position. Each comes in its own decorative tin can - "that's where they sleep when they're not being played with".

A four-color storybook is also included to illustrate a variety of poses.

The original Benders include: Wendy [of course I had to have this one], Joe, Brenda, Fender [the dog], Bitsy and more.

Why a Bender?
Golf Bender Why not?

These cute little toys are fun to play with. Mine are posed all over my desk [but don't put near your computer - they have magnets]. They wave to me when I'm working away.

We also have Benders in our window sill, on the car dash board and "stuck" by the feet on the ceiling fan. [Don't ask, my son did that].

If you like Sports check out the different Sports Benders which make really cute gifts for your athletic friends. They cost a bit more at $11.99 US.

You can visit Hogwild Toys on their website. A store locater is available to find their products in stores near you, or you can order right online.

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