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Wow Wee Cyber Spider

Reviewed By: Patrick (12)

Cyber Spider Want a really cool toy that will freak out your Mom or your cat? This is it!

The Cyber Spider may not look exactly like a furry spider, it's more the high tech version of a spider but it still acts and re-acts like one.

It comes complete with an infra-red remote control wrist band. You wear the remote on your wrist and control your spider from it.

The walking motion of the spider is very realistic but what is very cool is the flashing heart beat on the spider and the controller as well as eerie glowing green lights on the under belly.

The Cyber Spider also has 4 futuristic spider sounds and pre-programmable functions. Cyber Spiders

A really neat feature is the "Scurry Away Function" - you can set the Spider to run away with a sensor mode. This is really fun if you have a cat.

It's not too hard on batteries though you will need 3 AAA batteries and 3 AG-13 batteries. The WowWee website can tell you what batteries match up to AG-13's - we had a bit of trouble figuring that part out when we first got the toy.

Personally, I like this high tech spider. The design is futuristic and cool, the sounds are neat and it's great fun to annoy people who don't like spiders with it. It's not made of the strongest plastic so you do have to be careful not to walk it down a flight of stairs.

Comes With:

    Cyber Spider
    Infra-Red Remote Control
    *3 AAA and 3 AG-13 batteries required
Manufacturer:WowWee Inc.

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