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Wow Wee Totally Extreme Skateboarder

Reviewed By: Patrick (12)

Skateboard Ok it's not Tony Hawk, but it's still pretty cool stuff.

The Totally Extreme Skateboarder is a radio controlled toy that can have you skateboarding around the kitchen without getting in too much trouble.

My first try I was zipping pretty fast and doing really fast 360's. It took some time to learn how to do the Pop Shove-it and a G-Turn but with practise it is possible. Ollies are easy!

There's a 40-foot range on the remote so you have a lot of room to use it. It's winter here so I didn't try outside, but it even works pretty good on carpet, just not as fast.

The remote seems a little small at first but it's comfortable in your hands. There are 6 pre-programmed stunt buttons but you can easily create your own stunts.

Skateboard Remote It takes 4 AAA batteries and 3 AG-13s [visit WowWee website for more info on AG-13's] to power the Skateboarder.

If skateboarding is your thing this is a pretty cool toy, I was particularly impressed with the neat turns and tricks I could make it do right from the start.

Comes With:

    Extreme Skateboarder
    Radio Controller
    *4 AAA batteries and 3 AG-13 required
Manufacturer:WowWee Inc.

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