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Tyco® Power Changers

Product Review

Power Changers What's about 4 inches long and can zip around your kitchen floor or in your bathtub? The new, Tyco R/C® Radio Control Power Changers™.

Tyco R/C®, has introduced, Power Changers™ system -- a unique micro R/C packaged in pairs to operate on land or water. The pair we tried out were the race car and speed boat.

Each Power Changer system features an interchangeable power module that snaps into different Power Changer vehicles. You can choose from race cars, speed boats, 4-wheel drives, tanks and even a robot. All use the same power module.

When you first get your Power Changer you'll need to power up the module for about two minutes. The charger requires 4 AA alkaline batteries. Each charge lasts about 3-4 minutes. Once your module is charged up you are ready to go!

Power Changer boat You just snap your power module into any Power Changer vehicle. Using your transmitter you can drive either vehicle. The transmitter requires one 9 volt battery.

The race car was very easy to manoeuvre in forward, reverse, left or right. You can even get your little car doing fast spins with some practise.

The speed boat was a little trickier to get the hang of. We had to put in the bathtub since our lakes are frozen over this time of year. Once we figured out the adjustable rudder we were able to steer the boat around the tub. Notice the waves in the photo of the boat to your right - it can really move!

Although the charge only lasts about 3-4 minutes, you can charge yourself up again in only 2 minutes so there's not much downtime. It's also neat to be able to snap your power module into either vehicle.

Due to the short charge time I wouldn't put your boat too far out into a lake. If you lose your charge too far out, you may not get your boat back!

Both vehicles are very sturdy and stood the test of banging into kitchen cupboards, table legs and being chased by a dog. The unique, small size makes them fun to zip along at surprisingly fast speeds.

Recommended for children five and up. Little boys are going to love these!

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