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Octodog Product Review:

Octodog ® - The Frankfurter Converter

What has eight legs, floats in water and you can eat it? Octodog!

This revolutionary new "frankfurter converter" skillfully turns a simple wiener into an eight legged creature from the sea. A fun way to spice up your lunches and party menus.

Many pediatricians recommend slicing hotdogs linearly to make eating hotdogs safer for young children. The Octodog does this for you, and makes hotdogs a lot more fun.

We had the opportunity at Kids' Turn to try out this new product and have to say, not only was it fun to use, it was very easy. You simply insert your favorite hotdog brand into the converter holder, pop on the eyes to hold it in place, slide the holder down, remove the base, remove the eyes and gently shake your creature off.

The kids here were laughing and joking long before we got them cooked. While we boiled ours, you can use the lid and supplied attachment for microwave cooking.

We were particularly impressed with the sturdy materials used to make Octodog. All of the components are made from materials like Bayer Makrolon® and G.E. Lexan®. The same materials used in military and aerospace applications. They are FDA approved and safe for microwave and dishwasher. This is no cheap product that will fall apart after a few uses.

Octodog We think Octodogs would make the perfect addition to an Under the Sea birthday party theme, your next picnic or cookout, a sports event or just for lunch. Kids will have fun making and eating them.

Octodog - The Frankfurter Converter retails for $16.95 plus shipping and handling. You can purchase online at Octodog or locate a dealer near you.

The Frankfurter Converter may not work on all brands, "all beef" in particular. For best results use skinless Franks. Shape and appearance may vary depending on cooking method and brand used. Adult supervision is required. Always slice entire hotdog before consuming.

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