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Teachers are Tops

You have spent the last 8 months at school.
Summer is almost here which means school ends and so does the daily grind of classes and homework!
But you will miss school won't you? Even a bit?
One of the things you might miss is the daily contact you have with your teacher. He or she may be the person you see the most every day. Some kids see their teachers even more then they see their own parents!!

Is there one teacher that stands out in your mind? Is there a teacher who you can talk to about anything? Or one that just has a lot of fun in your class? Is there a teacher who makes learning fun in your school?

Each year in the United States the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) awards one teacher across the United States the award as

Teacher of the Year

1998's award went to Philip Bigler, a history teacher form Virginia.. You can read Mr. Bigler's thoughts on teaching. Or visit the National Teachers Awards page and see a list of the individual state teacher awards. Perhaps YOUR teacher was awarded!!


Do you have a special teacher? Someone who has made a difference in your life? Post your dedication to that teacher at Kids' Turn Top Teachers. Dedications are accepted throughout the year - read how teachers can make a difference in your life.

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Photo of Philip Bigler with permission from The National Teacher of the Year Program