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Vermont Teacher Named
2001 National Teacher of the Year

Michele Forman President George W. Bush announced on April 23, 2001, Michele Forman as the 2001 National Teacher of the Year at a special ceremony in Washington. The ceremony also honored the 2001 State Teachers of the Year.

The National Teacher of the Year Program is sponsored by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and Scholastic Inc., the global childrenˇ¦s publishing and media company. The program focuses public attention on teaching excellence and is the oldest and most prestigious awards program for teachers. Forman, the fifty-first National Teacher of the Year, begins a year as a full-time national and international spokesperson for education on June 1, 2001. She is the first Vermont educator to receive this honor.

"The rewards I find in teaching are rooted in the joy of not only watching but also being part of my students learning and development," said Forman, who teaches social studies at Middlebury Union High School in Middlebury, Vermont.

Forman was born in Biloxi, Mississippi, on April 7, 1946. Leaving Sylvan Hills High School in Atlanta, she went to Brandeis University and in 1967 earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. She holds a masters degree in teaching from the University of Vermont.

Michele Forman's thoughts on teaching can be summed up with her statement:

"The complexity of teaching is a challenge worthy of the greatest efforts and dedication. No two days are the same. Each day I laugh at something; some days I cry. Teaching is complex and dynamic, demanding constant reflection and adjustment. Students are the center of my classroom in actuality, not just in words. As a teacher I create and maintain an open, safe and lively learning environment in which ideas may be freely exchanged. My students and I work collaboratively toward the common goal of learning. "


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Photo of Michele Forman with permission from The National Teacher of the Year Program