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First Day of School Memories

Ride the Bus Do you remember your very first day of kindergarten or junior kindergarten? I sure do.

I wanted to be such a big girl and show my parents I could easily handle, not only going to school my first day, but also riding the bus. Boy was I wrong.

I spent that first morning on the telephone calling a male friend of mine a dozen times or so asking if he was taking the bus or getting a ride. After many calls we decided it was OK to get a ride with our parents, which we did.

Turns out when we got there, more then half the kids were driven by parents and very few were brave enough to take the bus the first day.

I'll never forget that memory even though it was a very long time ago!

The memory of your first day of school is one that seems to stick with us. I asked a few of the regulars at Kids' Turn what their memories were. Read their first day of school memories:
Tom remembers he was very scared!
Elizabeth remembers her first day out of homeschool.
Fuzzy remembers her first day of high school.
Skater was really scared.
Melanie made a new friend
Brenda didn't shed a tear!
Meredyth had no problems at all!
FluteWiz remembers a terrible accident.
Shea met her first "boyfriend".
Karla remembers clutching Mom tight!
Sam in the UK recalls getting sick!
Luvs meets her lifelong friend.
Rach remembers a lot of crying.
NinjaHamster remembers helping a cousin.

Do you remember your first day of kindergarten or Junior kindergarten? Share your story by submitting to Kids' Turn. All stories will be added as soon as possible.

Also accepting first day stories for Middle School and High School if they apply.

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