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I Love Homeschool "About 1.5 to 1.9 million children, United States students (grades K through 12) were home educated in 2000-2001, and the number continues to grow ."

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Several regular visitors at Kids' Turn are Homeschooled and have this to say:

From ....Becky, USA

I was homeschooled for 7 years, and was just recently trying to set some stuff straight with some kids today about homeschooling.

Pros : I got a lot of one on one attention. I spent as much time as I needed on a certain aspect of a subject. So if I understood it I could zoom past it. If I didn't, I could work on it longer. I'm sure there are more pros but those are the two that came to my mind at first.

Cons : Ok so I'm a little biased. But I can't really think of many. It can get a bit irritating being with the same people 24/7. That's the only one I can think of.

I didn't know how many other kids there really were until I started "real" school this year, but I don't think I really missed much interaction. The only time you really interact with kids in a public school is during the 3 minutes we have to get to our classes. I think I was more social before I went to school then I am now. We weren't very involved in co-ops or anything in homeschooling, but we did go swimming/roller skating/bowling occasionally. And a lot of the friends I made in elementry and middle school were from church. So I don't believe I had a major disadvantage at all.

From ....Josie USA:

Well, there is more flexibility about when you can do things. Also you have more time to do other things, like multiple choirs, dance classes, trips etc.

The being home all the time part is a down side, also not being able to interact with people my own age, or even who are relativly close to my age is really bad. I get rather cabin-feverish often.

Most of the other kids in my class at school and I have nothing in common, and were very nasty to me, because I am 'smart' or a 'nerd'. But I do miss being around other kids, yes. There are outings at my homeschool community once a month, but they are generally things that I am not interested in, and seventh grade ( my grade) is the oldest grade at the school so far, so the outings are geared more towards the younger students, which stinks.

All my stuff came from K12 which is an online school that has students from over five different states. It is an online charter school, which means the lessons are given to me on the computer to print out. They also sent a bunch of textbooks and materials to use for the lessons. I just decided to point out that charter schools aren't like regular homeschooling, it's like a school. I have a teacher that is assigned to my county, and he calls in every two weeks to ask me questions and make sure everything is hunky dory.

You are welcome to discuss homeschooling on the Kids' Turn Forums with Becky, Josie and many other homeschoolers.

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