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Kids Turn Sports

Let's Go Fishing

Go Fishing! What a great way to spend a summer morning or evening! Go fishing!

I live in Northern Ontario, Canada where there's a lake around every corner so it's easy for us to pick up our gear and head to a lake.

I spoke with the experts at About on Fishing: Freshwater Fishing Guide Ronnie Garrison , Saltwater Fishing Guide Ron Brooks and Fly fishing expert Ian Scott. All agree, fishing is a great outdoor activity for kids.

Ron Brooks our Saltwater Fishing Guide notes that "Fishing teaches kids an entire set of values. Aside from the outdoors and nature, kids can learn what life is all about. They can learn what it means to be able to feed people. For catch and release they can learn conservation. For something to do when they get "bored", the challenge of catching a fish can keep them out of potential trouble brought about by boredom."

Ronnie Garrison at Freshwater Fishing agrees, "Fishing is a relaxing sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. You never get too old to fish! And getting kids started young helps them appreciate nature and the ways the environment works, and helps them understand life better. And fishing keeps kids out of trouble. There is a group called "Hooked on Fishing" that has the motto "Get hooked on fishing, not on drugs." There is a lot of truth to that!"

Ian Scott expert fly fisherman admits, "many adults seem to think that teaching kids how to fly fish is a complicated, stressful affair. In reality, it is no more difficult to provide the basic skills of fly casting than it is to show them how to plunk a worm without tangling lines."

Let's learn more about fishing!

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