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Catch some Air - Go Snowboarding!

Grab your board and head to the slopes with the latest info.......

I have to admit, one thing you won't get me to do is strap a board on my feet and go down an icey slope. However, lots of kids seem to really enjoy this sport - including both my sons. The sport is growing and gaining quite a reputable following.

Snowboarding made it's debut at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan. With a shaky start when Canadian Ross Rebagliati won the gold medal, lost the gold medal and got it back. The '98 Olympics showed the world that snowboarding is NOT a bad sport but one many can and do enjoy.

The history of snowboarding is a short one. In 1929 M.J. "Jack" Burchett strapped a piece of plywood on his feet and snowboarding was born. Since that time companies like Burton, AIRWALK, Miller and Gnu have brought Snowboarding to a new level from the first wooden boards of the '30s.

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Getting Started.......

    snbrd2.gif - 2.3 K The boards themselves, boots, bindings, safety straps and a helmet are necessary parts of the sport. The price of equipment is wide ranging from beginners to professional boarders so check around the different snowboard companies online.

    A great place to get started Snowboarding is the Beginners Section at Snowboarding at About. You'll find lots of tips and information on everything you need to get started.

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    Safety is another aspect of Snowboarding you should consider.

    Dave's Snowboard Patrol page offers current news and information on safety related items.

More on Snowboarding....

    snbrd3.gif - 2.7 K Once you have been out on your board, there is still a lot of information available online about snowboarding. Thinkquest has a good dictionary of snowboarding terms that kids will understand.

For more great Snowboarding information and links be sure to visit Snowboarding online

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