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Alpha Toys, LLC Introduces Alphabeasts Alphabet Book Box Set

Alphabeasts JACKSONVILLE, FL - Leading toy manufacturer, Alpha Toys, LLC, has just introduced to market a new Alphabeasts Alphabet Book Box Set to complement the already popular Alphabeasts 15" plush toy line.

Each book A through Z contains colorful animated illustrations of the Alphabeasts interacting with unique objects that begin with the particular letter of the beast as well as the book. The complete book box set retails for $15.99 and is available online ( as well as select retailers across the country.

"Our new Alphabeasts Alphabet Book Box Set is ideal for babies and young toddlers," said Alphabeasts Representative Kristin Ferguson. "The compact design, the colorful schemes of the beasts' animated activities with each letter/word and the convenient box set carrying case that houses all the books together smartly makes this the perfect beginning educational alphabet tool to start your child on."

The launch of this box set comes on the heels of the initial Alphabeasts15" plush toy product launch earlier this spring. The Alphabeasts were created to:

  • Help teach children their ABC's while they have fun simultaneously
  • Assist with learning to spell/word association by combining the beasts to create words
  • Decorate a child's room by spelling their name or initials
  • Be ideal personal companions for children whether at home or on the go

The Alphabeasts consist of 26 unique 15" doublesided learning companion ‘beasts' with an upper case alphabet letter residing on one side of the doll, and a lower case character in contrasting color residing on the opposite side. Each Alphabeast has a distinctive design characteristic and physical attribute that makes them different from one another. When these plush characters are used together, children learn to spell an infinite combination of words. The 15" plush characters retail for $15.99 each and come with a detachable biographical collector's card.

For more information on the Alphabeasts, visit

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