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Square Shooters Debuts New Rummy Game at Toy Fair 2012

Square Shooters Rodeo Rummy Proves Versatility of Patented Dice

New York, NY - (January 11, 2012) - Heartland Consumer Products, LLC , the makers of 2011's hit new game Square Shooters®, is proud to bring an encore to the 2012 International Toy Fair in New York City this February. Rodeo Rummy® is a new game featuring the amazing, patented Square Shooters® dice and offers a new spin on the classic rummy games that everyone knows and loves.

In Rodeo Rummy players use a spinner to determine which rummy hand they should try to roll with the dice. Players have three rolls of the dice to earn either a rummy set or a rummy run as assigned by their spin. Every spin also brings a bonus or a penalty!

And of course, just like with the original Square Shooters® game, you can use the Square Shooters® dice to invent your own dice version of rummy and countless other traditional playing card games!

That it took until 2011 for a patent to be issued on the combination of cards and dice is remarkable. In fact, the National Parenting Center calls the invention "mindblowing" and "one of the most amazing inventions you will ever see"! The creative potential of the dice are endless!

Square Shooters was introduced nationwide in 2011 by Heartland Consumer Products, the Cleveland-based manufacturer of high quality playing cards including the popular Vegas® brand. The game has already won three national awards and has accrued considerable accolades from mommy bloggers and gamer bloggers alike. The game is already placed in national retailers including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Go! Games, and is selling far more than predicted.

Tom Donelan, CEO of Heartland says "Square Shooters is winning awards and selling fast in its first year thanks to its versatility. "At first it's just one great new game. But it's a deck of cards on dice that can do so much more." Donelan continues, "Parents know that it can bring different ages and generations together," he says. "It can be as simple as a matching game for kids, and then a game of chance for adults. It plays well at both the kitchen table and the party table."

Square Shooters (MSRP $12.99/Basic Set and $19.99/Deluxe Set) is designed for one or more players ages 8 and up. Rodeo Rummy (MSRP $14.99) is designed for 2 or more players ages 8 and up.

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About Heartland Consumer Products
"Bringing People Together" is a mission that Cleveland-based Heartland Consumer Products aspires to achieve through products that fuel the fun when families and friends get together. Founded in 1999, Heartland offers playing card products for all game occassions. Brands like Vegas®, Gold Crown® and All InTM bring quality and price options to players of all types. The company's new Square Shooters® dice game is a natural extension to the company's core playing cards business and extends its product line into the arena of proprietary game play.
Square Shooters® is a registered trademark of Carmelyn Calvert, and under license by Heartland Consumer Products, LLC. All rights reserved.