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Create Even More Exciting Windowsill Worlds!

CLEVELAND, OH - (Virtual Press Office) - DuneCraft is excited to present five new additions to its flagship line of Dome Terrariums. Dome Terrariums are unique in that they offer the largest array of plants in a single kit, often containing 4-5 different seed packs with a number of varieties in each. Additionally, these kits contain an impressive array of decorative components including themed color plants stakes, decals, colored gravel, figurines, and much more.

Dome Terrariums are also designed as themed terrariums, meaning they are about more than just the plants. DuneCraft ties themes such as Fairies, Dinosaurs, Aliens, and more with the terrarium, which is designed to thrive for years in the original container. The idea behind this is to draw in kids and fans of these themes to get them into growing plants, and it works!
The Outer Space Explorer takes gardening and plants into a whole new realm, and allows consumers to grow plants that in some way relate to space. For example, the Space Plant moves when you touch it, the Antenna Plant has flowers that look like Alien antennas, and the Rocketship Plant has flowers that look like the flames emitted by a launching rocket. The kit contains themed decals, stakes, and has Space Sand that will not get wet for kids to build Lunar Lagoons, and comes complete with an Alien.

The Butterfly Glamour Garden has plants that are known to attract butterflies both for food and shelter. In addition to their sweet smell, colorful foliage, and simplicity to grow, these plants will actually attract hummingbirds and butterflies. This whimsical kit comes with everything needed as well as a host of fun bling for girls to beautify their domes. There are adhesive jewels, themed decals and stakes, large jewels to place in the garden, and a butterfly to get them started.

Get back on the farm with the Farmer’s Harvest Garden. The interesting thing about this dome is that it is a functioning garden and contains plants that will grow and be ready to harvest in the dome terrarium itself. In addition to the plants themselves, this garden comes complete with fencing material for kids to build their own fences, color decals and stakes, and even a farm animal to call it home.

Other fun styles include the Rainforest Biodome and the Dinosaur Dome. All DuneCraft’s Dome Terrariums retail for $24.99 and are available at Hobby Lobby, JoAnn, CVS, Michael’s, and many other retailers, catalogs, and web sites. Please visit for more information.

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