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Our Beans Have A Lot To Say!

CLEVELAND, OH - (Virtual Press Office) - DuneCraft's message beans have a lot to say, "I Love You, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and Get Well Soon," and people are hearing as their popularity soars. As The Cleveland Plain Dealer writes, "It's a one-of-a-kind gift for kids, friends or someone special you're trying to impress with your creativity."

Express yourself whatever the occasion! These beans will sprout in 5 to 7 days with their heartfelt message inscribed on the bean and on the first set of leaves that emerge! Each bean planter presents their message on two beans. The words are stenciled onto the bean with a laser. Message Beans contain an artful planter as well as a unique sprouting dome, a special germination mixture, and Lima Bean seeds. These enchanting products retail for $4.99, and are a great novelty item.

As People Magazine proclaims, "DuneCraft's Message Beans are a great little gift and a lesson in botany all rolled up in one. Open the paper cup planter, assemble the terrarium, plant the lima bean seeds, water and watch with amazement as the lima beans sprout and reveal their "I Love You" message. You can actually eat the beans too (just don't tell your kid it's a lima bean)."

Message Beans can be used as science experiments, party favors, and more! "What could be a cooler way to express your love or to tell someone to get well soon or wish them a happy birthday, than to give them a bean plant that says it on the plant once it grows!! Well that is exactly what these nifty bean plants from DuneCraft do," exclaims the Mommy Katie Blog. Experience the ingenuity of these little wonders today!

Message Beans are available at retailers including CVS, catalogs including Current, and on websites including as well as on

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