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Mrs Pinkelmeyer

Annual Toy Fair Showcases Unique Doll That Boosts Self-Esteem from

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The 109th Annual Toy Fair in New York has new toys from the world over, but only one unique doll that boosts self-esteem from

"I am Mrs. Pinkelmeyer™. I am the Silliest, Warmest Know-It-All™. Please join my lovable dog, Moopus McGlinden™ and me on a wonderful adventure because together we inspire self-esteem in children through our love, warmth and silliness," Mrs. Pinkelmeyer says.

Mrs. Pinkelmeyer is the creation of Jennifer Kelman, a 45-year old mother of twins with a Master's degree in social work. She created Mrs. Pinkelmeyer to give kids a friend to talk with, help them with separation anxiety and to improve their body image.

"In addition, I saw a real need for kids to feel safe as well as have a friend with whom they could share their problems," said Kelman. "Mrs. Pinkelmeyer is different from all other dolls in that she promotes self-esteem through her silliness. Her stockings are always falling to her ankles, she looks and acts silly, yet still walks around in the world with high self-esteem. I want everyone who knows her to carry that same feeling with them," she continued.

Kelman, founder of, has received many thank you letters from kids and adults alike, all touting the benefits to having the Mrs. Pinkelmeyer doll.

"I've seen people use Mrs. Pinkelmeyer to help kids through separation anxiety, feel happier when they are sad, maintain a healthy body image, and even to help older adults lessen the problems of Alzheimer's," says Kelman.

Kelman is on a mission to improve self-esteem and offers 10 tips to boost self-esteem in children:

Top 10 Tips to Encourage Self-Esteem in Your Child:

1. Acknowledge your child's feelings even if they don't line up with yours. When our feelings are heard we tend to feel better about ourselves.

2. Give praise where praise is due for a job well done. Over-praising does not work. The child begins to look for praise everywhere and if they don't receive it their self-esteem suffers.

3. Encourage your child to participate in tasks and activities where they can gain a sense of mastery.

4. Allow your child to help the adult around the house whether it is preparing dinner, setting the table or sweeping up the leaves. It is crucial that they need to be allowed to do it in their own way and not how you would do the task. Let them learn and explore and gain a sense of mastery.

5. Spend time with your child which is real quality time. No phones, no computer or BlackBerry. Just good old-fashioned parent-child time. That connection instills a sense of pride and esteem in your child.

6. Check your own self-esteem. How often are you criticizing or degrading yourself within earshot of your children? Kids pick up on this and internalize this behavior and make it their own. The next time they don't do something well it is common to hear the same degrading statement that the parent has used previously.

7. Allow for failure. Without failure there is no success. Learning to pick oneself up and dust off and try again is what creates a good feeling inside.

8. Do not do the task for your child. This sends the message to the child that they truly are incapable of doing anything without their parent.

9. Surround your child with extended family and happy people who have a zest for life and all they do. This naturally rubs off. Love your child and tell them so.

10. Show your child by example that you can look or act a bit silly and still feel great about yourselves. That is what Mrs. Pinkelmeyer does!

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Mrs. Pinkelmeyer and her lovable dog Moopus McGlinden are delighting people everywhere. A complete product line has been developed to support these wonderful characters including plush dolls, stuffed animals, music and a book series at