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Manhattan Toy Welcomes Additions to the Remarkable EDTOY™ Line

Unique construction and building sets with Rotating Magnet Technology!

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - January 2012 - Manhattan Toy is thrilled to welcome new designs to the EDTOY line. The one-of-a-kind EDTOY line has added several new vehicles and now features an entirely new collection: ED Creator.. ED Creator is another great building set featuring colorful plastic pieces, larger than the EDTOY Smart Block series, which connect and reconnect to one another using the same exclusive Rotating Magnet Technology seen throughout the EDTOY line.

"EDTOY products feature a patented Rotating Magnet Technology connection system that is a unique mechanism, which is completely engaging for kids," said Mike Klein, President of Manhattan Toy. "Our new ED Creator collection also features this technology, which produces an audible clicking sound when the colorful blocks are rotated and clicked together, adding to the overall play value of the sets."

The MagnaMobiles. collection showcasing high-quality, wooden building and construction toy expands to include three more vehicles. The F1 Race Car adds new flare to the line of primarily construction based vehicles, while the SUV and Pickup Truck, while the SUV and Pickup Truck bring the fun of off-road into the mix. The inviting design and open ended playability creates hours of endless fun with EDCreator, Magnomobiles, Ed Dinosaur and Smart Blocks.

ED Creator. - New! MSRP $45
Building through twists and clicks is easy with the ED Creator sets. Each set contain over 20 brightly colored plastic pieces that can be assembled into several different vehicles and structures. Every piece features the unique multi-faceted, rotating magnetic technology. Children will find that every twist and connection creates a fun clicking sound for added delight.

Mix and match the pieces with every set to construct a one-of-a kind design!

  • Davinci Gear
  • Davinci Automobile
  • Dacinci Aircraft

MagnaMobiles. MSRP $25
The MagnaMobiles Series is designed for kids to exercise their creativity by taking apart various pieces to create new and inventive vehicles. MagnaMobiles can carry, lift, dig and spin just like the real life machines they are modeled after. With magnetic joints attached on every piece, kids can have fun creating and connecting one set to another. All wooden MagnaMobiles are made from beech wood with non-toxic finishes.

  • F1 Race Car - NEW!
  • Pickup Truck - NEW!
  • SUV - New!
  • Bulldozer
  • Fire Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Concrete Mixer
  • Police Car
  • Helicopter
  • Airplane
  • Ambulance

Ed Dinosaur Series MSRP $20
Whether carnivorous or herbivorous, these dinosaurs are fun to create and move. Using basic shapes and the unique magnetic blocks, children are able to create their own models while enjoying the clicking sounds from the jointed rotating parts. All wooden dinosaurs are made from beech wood with non-toxic finishes.

  • Ed Brachiosaurus
  • Ed Triceratops
  • Ed Stegosaurus
  • Ed Tyrannosaurus

Smart Block MSRP $60
The Smart Block building sets contain over 30 wooden pieces to build and customize a variety of buildings and structures. Blocks come with the same multi-faceted, rotating magnet technology as other collections for attaching pieces together. All wooden blocks are made from beech wood with non-toxic finishes.

  • Aircraft
  • Architecture

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