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Lightning Expected to Strike Again with Flashwordz Game


Stamford, CT — (January 28, 2011)

U.S. Games Systems likes to shake things up in the world of word games with fast-paced, award-winning games that rev up the action.

Snatch-It™ Word Game’s “shout it out and grab it” style of snappy game play snagged awards from Creative Child Magazine and iParenting Media. The unique board game Quickword™ earned the prestigious What Toy Award and has been named multiple times on the Games 100 Selection List, along with Royalty Word Game, in which players capture cards to build bigger, better words!

Now, U.S. Games generates excitement with Flashwordz™, a dynamic, new word game that requires a keen eye and a quick hand. Each round starts with players placing seven letter-cards in their card racks. In this super-charged word game, the cards are double-sided so everything can change in a flash! Players combine letters from their own card rack with letters from another player to create words of four or more letters before the timer goes off. If time runs out, it becomes a free-for-all “Flash Round”. Players race to grab the Flash Round token and the chance for an extra turn. Every word scores points; highest score wins.

Flashwordz game includes 100 two-sided cards, including five wild cards, 4 card racks, FlashWordz Timer, Flash Round Token, and instructions.

Demonstrations of FlashWordz and other U.S. Games Systems card games, word games, and playing card decks will take place at Toy Fair NYC Booth #259.

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