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’007 – the Spy Year is Here Intruder Trap System Leads Spy Gear Lineup for 2007

(SAN FRANCISCO, Toy Fair 2007) – Wild Planet celebrates 2007 with seven new Spy Gear introductions – including the elaborate Intruder Trap System. This multi-level security device offers unmatched protection by creating a chain of alarms and deterrents linked via radio frequency.

In addition to advanced security, secret agents will have new options in stealth surveillance, on-the-go gear, covert communication and projectile defense when Wild Planet releases the Agent Action Briefcase, Mobile Spy Ear, Message Shredder, Spy Disc Shooter, Message Launcher and Mission Gloves. Here are the details of the 2007 Spy Gear debuts:

    Intruder Trap System™: three wireless traps connected by radio frequency to form one infallible alarm system
    Includes: 1 touch-sensor sound & light alarm, 1 motion-detecting dual dart launcher, 1 invisible-beam siren, 4 foam darts
    Recommended Age: 6+ / Suggested Retail Price: $29.99 - $44.99 / Available: Fall 2007
    Spies need to keep their possessions guarded and their headquarters secure, and a solitary alarm just isn’t enough. The Intruder Trap System provides unparalleled protection by using radio frequency to connect three separate wireless traps that work in succession.
    Startle intruders with trap #1, a touch-sensitive sound and light alarm. If someone tries to take your protected possessions, this alarm will send them running toward the door. In route, they’ll pass trap #2, a motion-detector that launches dual darts in their direction. In an effort to dodge the darts, they’ll cross an invisible beam, which will activate a siren, signaling their defeat.
    Traps #2 and #3 will not be armed until trap #1 is triggered. Enemies entering a protected room will not set off any alarms on their way in, but will be bombarded during their attempt to escape.

    Agent Action Briefcase™: a collection of essential spy tools in a sleek multi-functional case
    Includes: briefcase with secret compartment, built-in dart launcher, 4 foam darts, motion alarm, light, magnification scope
    Recommended Age: 6+ / Suggested Retail Price: $19.99 - $29.99 / Available: Fall 2007
    The Agent Action Briefcase is more than just a smart storage solution; it’s a spy emergency kit that comes with the must-have tools for every mission – a motion alarm, red light, vision scope, darts and launcher. The unassuming sturdy black case contains secret compartments and offers enough space internally for additional spy equipment, as well as DVDs, an iPod, portable game player or other gadgets. Use the bright red beam of the removable Spy Light to review the schematic of a top-secret plan. Look down the alley (or hallway) with the magnifying Spy Scope to determine if the coast is clear. Set up the removable Motion Alarm to guard your gear. Launch darts out of the side of the briefcase, individually or two at a time, depending on how fast your enemy is approaching. When you’re called to action you can arrive prepared, and in style.

    Mobile Spy Ear™: a portable device that transmits sound to a remote ear bud; works through walls, up to 75 feet away
    Includes: listening vehicle that travels 30 feet, snap-on sound receiver, ear bud
    Recommended Age: 6+ / Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 - $19.99 / Available: Fall 2007
    When you’re playing spy, it helps to know what the opposition is up to. With the Mobile Spy Ear, you can listen to top-secret conversations without being detected. Just pull it back, let it go, and send it out to spy.
    The Mobile Spy Ear silently travels up to 30 feet. The receiver on the vehicle transmits sound to your remote ear bud, allowing you to hear through walls, windows, doors and floors from up to 75 feet away. Never be the last to know!

    Message Shredder™: a spy tool that lets you write, share and destroy secret notes
    Includes: case with secret compartment, paper shredder, pop-out drawer with revealer lens, paper, marker
    Recommended Age: 6+ / Suggested Retail Price: $12.99 - $16.99 / Available: Fall 2007
    Use the Message Shredder kit to ensure your spy correspondence won’t be viewed by enemy eyes. Write confidential messages with the special marker on the kit’s patterned paper. Put the note in the hidden compartment and pass it to your fellow agents, who need the revealer lens to decode your message. Once the note is shared, the evidence must be destroyed. The shredder is located inside the kit, which is disguised as a pencil case.

    Spy Disc Shooter™: a distraction and defense tool that launches foam discs in rapid succession
    Includes: motorized disc launcher with top loader, 20 soft-foam discs, practice target
    Recommended Age: 6+ / Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 - $14.99 / Available: Fall 2007
    The motorized Spy Disc Shooter sends foam discs flying up to 25 feet. Launch discs to distract your enemies or keep them at a distance while you make your escape. A top-loading compartment holds 10 discs at a time that are dispensed individually with the push of a button. Practice your aim with the target and hone your disc-launching skills. This device is ideal for indoor and outdoor defense.

    Message Launcher™: air-powered dart launcher used to send secret messages
    Includes: dart launcher, scrolled paper, spy code cards, sighting scope, suction-darts (2 glow-in-the-dark, 2 red, 2 black)
    Recommended Age: 6+ / Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 - $14.99
    Available: February 2007 at Target, Toys R Us and The Official Wild Planet Toy Store
    Write it. Load it. Launch it. The Message Launcher allows spies to send encrypted messages via a safe air-dart communication system. Each dart has a hollow compartment that holds scrolled paper for secret notes. Use the toy’s Spy Code Cards to scramble your message as an extra security measure. Insert the note into the dart, close the lid and prepare to launch.
    Using the detachable scope on the launcher, set your sight on the destination and send your message flying through the air – up to 30 feet away! A suction cup on the end of each dart sticks to smooth surfaces such as walls and windows.

    Mission Gloves™: easily accessible signal lights and voice recorder mounted on the back of a set of fingerless gloves
    Includes: two gloves, one digital voice recorder, three bright signaling lights
    Recommended Age: 6+ / Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 - $14.99
    Available: February 2007 at Target, Toys R Us and The Official Wild Planet Toy Store
    With the Mission Gloves, you can wear essential spy tools and keep your hands free for collecting clues. One glove features a digital voice recorder, the other offers a set of colored signal lights. The lights serve as a silent warning system. Alert fellow spies of immediate dangers, impending attacks, or safe passages by flashing the red, yellow or green lights. Once all agents receive the green light and return safely back to spy headquarters, you can share the secrets you captured using the voice recorder on your glove.

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