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Mighty Pens – An Extreme Makeover for the Bland Ballpoint Six Fun Action Pens for Spring 2007

SAN FRANCISCO, Toy Fair 2007) – Why have a pen that just writes when you can have one that also launches, flies, shoots or races? Mighty Pens are functional tools and fun toys combined that remove the blandness from the old ballpoint and introduce action features to ink.

Wild Planet is offering six styles of “Mighty Pens: Pens You Play With” for spring 2007. A second collection of play-friendly pens will be available in late summer – in time for the back-to-school season. The spring launch consists of:

  • Pullback Racer – a pen that transforms into a speedy car with a pull-back motor
  • Jet Flyer – a flying plane with fold-out wings; the plane is stored in and launched from the pen
  • Mini Hoops – a pen that unfolds to form a mini basketball court complete with hoop, 3 balls, ball holder & launcher
  • Dart Launcher – three suction-tipped darts that are launched from the pen; includes sighting scope
  • Rip Choppers – a pen with ripcord power launcher, two flying choppers and chopper storage
  • Rocket Blast – two foam rockets stored on and launched from the air-powered firing pen
The affordable price point makes these gadget pens perfect for academic rewards, party favors and small gifts. As kids discover the magic of Mighty Pens, they will want to complete their collection of these fun, yet functional, cool tools.

Mighty Pens™: Working pens that transform into action toys. Six styles available: Pullback Racer™, Jet Flyer™, Mini Hoops™, Dart Launcher™, Rip Choppers™ and Rocket Blast™
Recommended Age: 5+ / Suggested Retail Price: $2.99 - $4.99 / Available: February 2007 at online and specialty retailers such as

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