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Purse Pals: 3-D Pets in a Virtual World - An Introduction to Interactive Pets for Girls

(SAN FRANCISCO, Toy Fair 2007) – Purse Pals serve as the stepping stone into the popular world of interactive pets. This unique, unintimidating approach to one of the fastest growing girls’ toy categories bridges the gap between playing with tangible dolls in the real world and caring for pixilated pets in a virtual world.

Purse Pals were designed for girls as young as age 5 who have not yet developed the cognitive skills to support more complex interactive pets that exist entirely on screen (Tamagotchi, Giga Pets, Pixel Pets, etc.). Purse Pals feature adorable 3-D animals that live in small fashionable purses. Each purse opens to reveal a different play environment with electronic sensors. When a girl wants to feed, groom, play with or take her pet out, she places it on the corresponding sensor within the purse.

Icons displayed on an LCD screen on the purse measure the pet’s desires and needs. Girls learn important cause-and-effect relationships while playing with Purse Pals, as feeding their pet leads to the pet needing to go out, which results in the pet needing grooming, and so on.

There are six different pets available, each with its own stylish purse. When other pets come over to play, the purse recognizes them and adds them to a buddy list on the screen. This Party Mode encourages social interaction and offers special music. In addition to group activity, there are games for just the girl and pet to play together, such as tag and hide-and-seek. The pet is stored in the purse for safekeeping when not in use.

Purse Pals™: a 3-D pet stored in a fashionable purse that opens to reveal an interactive playhouse
Recommended Age: 5+ / Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 - $19.99 / Available: Fall 2007
6 Pets Available: Callie the Kitty, Poppy the Puppy, Cheeks the Hamster, Nibbles the Bunny, Gumdrop the Turtle, Pajamas the Pony

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