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Griddly Games' Launches New Products at International Toy Fair 2012

New York, NY - (January 30, 2012) - (Virtual Press Office) - Griddly Games will be the wise place to be at the International Toy Fair 2012 as the company launches new additions to its Wise Alec™ game line, and showcases other new and classic, award-wining, family games.

Griddly Games' (booth 6063) is pleased to present its new Wise Alec™ Junior™ (MSRP $15.95 for 1 or more players ages 4+) as well as its new Wise Alec™ Travel Expansion Packs, Body Works and Bright Ideas (MSRP $14.95, for 2+ players ages 8 & up). In addition, Griddly Games will be celebrating its first full year of its award-winning, abstract strategy game, Oversight™.

Over the past year, Griddly Games' Oversight™ was far from overlooked by game lovers and critics, as it earned awards such as: Dr. Toy's Top 10 Best Educational Products, Creative Child Magazine's Preferred Choice Award™, and was one of the top choices by The Game Aisle and the San Francisco Chronicle as one the newspapers' top games of the year. Toy Fair 2012 marks the first time that Griddly Games will present Oversight for immediate shipment and availability.

Adding to its product line, the know-it-alls at Griddly Games put their heads and humor together and created the all new Wise Alec™ Junior game, as well as Wise Alec™ Body Works and Bright Ideas Expansion Packs.

Like its older, but just as wise predecessor, the original Wise Alec, Wise Alec™ Junior and Wise Alec™ Expansion Packs are games that combine wit, skill, and action.

Reisa Schwartzman, president and founder of Griddly Games, said, "After last year's pre-testing and reaction to the concept and prototype of our Oversight™ game at Toy Fair, we are eager to demonstrate the finished product to the crowds at the 2012 fair. Also this year, Toy Fair gives us the opportunity to demonstrate how fun it is to be a 'Wise Alec.' Everybody likes to show-off their smarts."

Wise Alec ™Junior is an exciting and educational game pack for children ages 4 and up. The convenient, travel-size package contains 4 separate games that combine memory, matching, charades, counting, and storytelling. These games focus on essential skills such as emotion recognition and verbal communication. The final step, storytelling, is a collective process where memory and imagination combine as each player devises a story based on the cards that they have collected throughout the rounds.

Meanwhile, like the other expansion-travel packs for the traditional Wise Alec board game (Civilize This, Nature Nuts, and Sports Buffs), our new Body Works and Bright Ideas packs take elementary classroom topics and give them a hilarious spin. Body Works explores the ins-and-outs of the human body and its functions. Bright Ideas challenges players to shine a light on inventors and their inventions. The sets arrive without the game board, which means that they are road-ready, but they can also be added to the original, award-winning Wise Alec™ Family Trivia Game as expansions to the traditional table top board game. Each Wise Alec™ Expansion Pack includes 300 questions with two levels of difficulty, so multiple generations can play together. The expansion packs can even be combined for a greater challenge and more fun.

"As we expand upon the original Wise Alec™ concept, we continue to stick to our goal of demonstrating how a great game can bring people together with wholesome fun. With Wise Alec™ Junior, we are incorporating the younger generations. With our expansion packs, we offer subject-specific content for those who want to challenge themselves with unfamiliar topics or show-off their expertise on familiar subjects. As always, we try to encourage positive lifestyle habits and good manners throughout the game." For example, Wise Alec™ includes some riddles and mental challenges, but it also allows advancements or deductions for poor etiquette, like burping in public and losing 2 points, or healthy fitness abilities, like doing push-ups for extra points.

The new Wise Alec™ Junior, Wise Alec Body Works and Bright Ideas, and Oversight, all join Griddly Games' original Wise Alec™ game and Wise Alec™ Expansion Packs (Civilize This, Nature Nuts, and Sports Buffs), Words of the Wise and Chronicles of the Mind (MSRP $12.99 each, for one or more players ages 8 and up ), and the company's Griddly Headz™ sports-themed strategy games (MSRP $29.99 each, for 2-4 players ages 8 and up) that include the top-selling Griddly Headz NASCARĀ® Racing Game, Griddly Headz Baseball and Griddly Headz Hockey.

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About Griddly Games:
About Griddly Games: Griddly Games are games that get you going. The company creates award-winning party and board games that deliver innovative, engaging fun that brings people together. Founded in 2007 by Reisa Schwartzman, a mom from Vancouver, British Columbia, who took it upon herself to fill the void for products that deliver wholesome family fun that all ages could enjoy at once, Griddly Games creates products that inspire laughter and fun, while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. As a former educator, Schwartzman instills a strict company philosophy to offer games that encourage social interaction, learning, strategy and challenges that anyone (from across the grid) can enjoy. To discover more about Griddly Games, visit and get all of the most up-to-date, immediate information and interact with the company on Twitter and Facebook