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The Classic Inflatable Bop Bag Toy is Reborn

It's Earth-friendly; It's Made in America; It's Built to Last; and It's No Bozo.

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Feb. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In the 1960's, America's favorite clown was one of the first and most popular inflatable bop bags to hit toy shelves.

How many bop bags were sold back then? If you visit landfills nationwide, you just might be able to take count since these toys were made with non-biodegradable plastics that can take hundreds or even thousands of years to degrade naturally into the earth. Today's bop comes in many different themes and sizes and has the same eco-unfriendly demeanor. "We wanted to give our son the active-play experience that we remembered, but couldn't get past the environmental concerns," said Donna Brin, President and Co-Founder of Pueri Elemental LLC. She continued. "There had to be a way to make this toy better?" So they bought one and it leaked water straightaway; they bought another one and it sagged overnight; by the third one, a product concept was born.

Pueri Elemental LLC makes its debut at Toy Fair NY 2012 with Eco-Bonk, the first inflatable bop bag that is made from biodegradable plastic and developed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. Eco-Bonk offers superior quality, rugged durability and peace of mind that it is healthier for children to play with and safer for the environment around them ... our plastic is manufactured with a revolutionary additive technology, enabling it to degrade naturally into the earth in 9 months to 5 years.

Eco-Bonk is custom-fitted with plush 100% certified organic cotton covers and printed with fun-loving animals that are not only designed, but also destined to 'bounce back' ... Pueri will donate 1% of the sales proceeds to Wildlife Alliance, the leader in providing direct protection to forest and wildlife in the Southeast Asian tropical belt. Your Eco-Bonk purchase comes with a web storybook free trial that gives young readers an opportunity to connect with, relate to, and ultimately befriend Eco-Bonk creatures through beautifully animated interactive stories that bring parenting challenges into an animal's world and empower children to think for themselves, to learn about wildlife and to embrace charity.

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Based in Brooklyn, New York and founded by Donna and Daniel Brin in 2011, Pueri Elemental LLC strives to be a leading eco-innovator of active-play toys that are specifically designed for empowering children to Play. Move. Learn.

SOURCE Pueri Elemental LLC