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Pet Science Dog School

International Playthings Introduces "Wild! Life" Pet Science Kits and New Science Kits

Parsippany, NJ (February, 2012) - International Playthings, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of Pet Science as well as four new exciting science kits from Wild! Science. Pet Science kits encourage children to explore pet senses, animal behavior and how animals learn through carefully designed play activities with their pets. As with all other Wild! Science kits, the child's wonder of science is built into the sheer physical fun and entertainment of the experience with the kits.

"Wild! Science experiments incorporate children's desire to discover while keeping them entertained as they learn about the world around them," says Lisa Bernardi Senior Brand Manager for International Playthings, LLC. "In addition to the expansion of the boys' and girls' line, we are thrilled to introduce a new category of science kits that includes pets. It is certain to be educational and entertaining for both child and pet!"

Wild! Science™ kits include all the materials needed for the activity right out of the box. They each come with a work bench to aid in organization, storage and safety plus real scientific medical grade containers, beakers and measuring devices. The 2012 Wild! Science products include:

Pet Science

Through Pet Science children can explore pet's hearing using two distinctive sounds producers, vision and visual perception using special color shapes and symbols, dexterity and fine motor skills using physical puzzles and fun challenges to solve and much more. The activities are built into the design of the two unique multifunction Pets Acitivty Centers which are tough, colorful, washable and work in the house or outdoors. Kids build the activity centers and can deconstruct them for storage if needed. Pet kits include training clicker, target pointers, extra play items, pet cookie cutter, and a full color Guide Book (which even includes pet treat recipes for rewarding their friendly lab assistant).

Dog School
Children can build their own interactive dog toys with this kit as well as teach their pet obedience commands, problem solving and shape commands. Also included are challenging intelligence tests. For children 6 years & up. MSRP $19.99

Kitty College
This kit allows children to test the boundaries of their cats' abilities. They can construct fun, intuitive cat toys as well as teach them memory tests, problem solving and find motor skills. For children 6 years & up. MSRP $19.99.

Girl's Science

Snow Flake Factory
The Snow Flake Factory combines Art and Science Fantasy with the real life sciences of Crystallography and Chromatography. It allows girls to assemble their own out-of-this-world Snow Rose Trees, Flying Snow Rabbits, huge Snow Flakes and much more. Children will enjoy watching them morph and move. For girls 10 years and up. MSRP $19.99

Lip Balm Lab
The Lip Balm Lab is so much more than a craft kit. Industry standard ingredients are included in this set and allow girls to create an infinite variety of custom bases that can be displayed in a real compact. Girls can make their own Fruity Lip Protectors, Shimmering Balms and Solar Lip Screen for beautiful lips. The included instruction booklet also features extra cosmetic science experiments. For girls 10 years and up. MSRP of $19.99.

Boy's Science

Volcano Crater Factory
Boys will love to create volcanic landscapes with the Erupting Volcano Crater Factory! Based on a real life twin crater volcano island, boys will create volcanic bombs, multiple eruptions, gushing lava fields, gas flows and color-changing mineral pools. Through this they will learn about the awesome power of volcanoes through the planet changing science of Volcanology. For boys 10 years & up. MSRP $19.99

Spooky Ice Planet Laboratory
Spooky Ice Planet Laboratory lets boys create Creeping Frost effects, combining art and science fantasy with real life sciences of Crystallography and Chromatography. They can design their own mind boggling plants and creatures that warp and twist as their creations absorb the magic chemicals. For boys 10 years & up. MSRP $19.99

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About Wild! Science
Wild! Science is an innovative line of products that encourages learning, creativity and lots of fun. Activities are not only science-based, but they consider the context of the world that children live in. They incorporate other interests that kids may have, like fantasy, history, creativity, construction and more. Wild! Science represents a fresh, innovative and edgy new way to introduce kids to age appropriate scientific concepts while also having fun.

Designed for children ages six and up, the Wild! Science line is one of the world's most consistently awarded range of science kits, designed by an industry-leading children's science and technology edutainer and learning specialist with over 30 years in the field. Every Wild Science™ kit comes complete with easy-to-understand, colorful instruction booklets that instantly engage children by connecting their interaction with the science kits to human stories featuring "Dr. Wild". The instruction books are engaging, educational and age-appropriate, using topics like the environment, history and mystery to set the scene for the start of discovery activity. Additionally, each kit includes step by step instructions that range from easy activities with guaranteed success, to challenging activities that engage problem solving skills and application of knowledge.

About International Playthings, LLC
Since its inception in 1967, International Playthings, LLC has excelled in the delivery of innovative and entertaining products with integrity, superior play value and child developmental qualities to consumers. Over the course of its 40-year existence, International Playthings, LLC has grown to become one of the largest and most respected suppliers of quality products to the North American specialty industry.

A subsidiary of Epoch Company Ltd., affiliate company International Playthings, LLC offers a comprehensive range of proprietary and distributed brands comprising a wide variety of award winning play things including games, infant toys, preschool toys, dolls, educational toys and activity toys. Additional information on International Playthings, LLC, its brands and individual products can be found at