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New Orbeez Product Hits the Ceiling

Torrance, CA-(February 1, 2012)--Orbeez, the award-winning girls' activity line, has once again lit up toy aisles with the introduction of the Orbeez Magic Light-up Globe. Harnessing the ability of Orbeez to transmit light and change color, the toy projects a moving light show onto the ceiling. Released in select retailers during the 2011 holiday season, the Magic Light-up Globe will be formally launched during the American International Toy Fair opening in New York February 12.

"It's like a snow globe on steroids," says Sharon Cohen, brand manager for Orbeez. "With swirling Orbeez, color-changing lights and water movement, girls can transform their room into a dazzling light display."

During the 2011 Holiday Season Orbeez became one of the nation's best-selling girls' activity lines with its top-grossing item, the Orbeez Soothing Spa, selling out in all major retailers.

Orbeez start off as very tiny pellets, but with the addition of water they expand into squishy balls that feel wet to the touch. The Maya Group, which manufactures Orbeez, has taken advantage of their various properties to build a versatile toy line incorporating many play patterns. "Orbeez have so many unique wow factors," says Cohen. "They grow in water, they bounce, they transmit light and color and they're beautiful. We used these qualities to create multiple toys, each of which offers a unique play experience."

Hugely popular among girls from age 5 through teen years, Orbeez has gained recognition with some major award honors. The Orbeez Mood Lamp was chosen as a Parents' Choice Classic, Fun Stuff Award Winner. The Orbeez Soothing Spa was named an Honors Winner in the Toys Category of the 2011 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Children's Products competition.

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The Orbeez line consists of more than a dozen products, including The Orbeez Jewelry Maker, Perfume Magic, Light-up Heart, Light-up Star, Color Pack, Mood Lamp and Soothing Spa. The brand was launched in Fall 2010 with the Orbeez Magic Maker. For more information about Orbeez go to