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Xploderz® Adds XBow 1500 to its Arsenal of Fun

Torrance, CA-(February 1, 2012) - Xploderz®, the revolutionary toy blaster line that fires patented gel-like ammunition, announced the release of the Xploderz XBow 1500, adding a super-cool, mid-range blaster to its arsenal of fun. Fusing ancient crossbow play with modern design and technology, the Xploderz XBow 1500 reaches distances of up to 75 feet.

The Xploderz line, launched at American International Toy Fair last year, stormed the blaster aisle with ground-breaking innovation. The Xploderz Blaster 200, the smallest of the Xploderz blasters, was as a finalist for the 2012 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Awards.

The revolutionary firing and ammunition system of the Xploderz line allows kids to achieve record distances without compromising on safety. The hydrated ammo is strong enough to shoot long distances, yet soft enough to disintegrate on impact. "It's a safe and cool alternative to paintball and airsoft," says Ron Brawer, a partner in The Maya Group, which makes Xploderz. "Kids love that they never run out of ammo. They get the experience of paintball without the pain."

The Xploderz XBow 1500 comes with 1,500 rounds of Xploderz Ammo. Each clip holds 75 rounds of Xploderz ammo.

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Since its launch last year, Xploderz has become the fastest-growing blaster line in the toy industry. The Xploderz brand -- including the XBlaster 200, FaceOff 400, XStormer 1,000, XRanger 2,000 and XGround Pounder 2500-is sold in all major retailers, including Target, Toys 'R Us, Walmart and More information about Xploderz can be found at