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Mattel® Brands:

  • Chat Divas™ Barbie® doll has all of a girl's favorite things! She can really "chat" on her cell phone and "sing" into a doll-sized microphone - either to three pre-programmed songs or music from an iPod! And, she "lip syncs" and bops her head to the beat.
  • Pixel Chix™ Roomies: What happens when a cast of unique and zany characters are forced to live under one roof? The Roomies™ interactive game features everyone’s favorite 2D girl as well as a new character, Miss Sporty™ – a nosy, high-energy sports & dance-loving diva. Plug the 3D characters into the base of the house, and then watch the new roommates move in and come to 2D life. Girls can use the innovative flip screen to control the gameplay and drama in six different rooms. The ultimate goal is to win games and challenges to secure control of the penthouse suite!
  • Little Mommy™ Real Loving Baby: For the first time ever, Little Mommy™ will delight girls with the sweetest, most beautiful ultra-realistic baby ever featuring fluid, natural-looking movements! Girls and moms alike will fall in love with Real Loving Baby™ doll, an interactive baby doll that can be nurtured in every way! Girls are able to record a name for their very own Real Loving Baby™ and through speech recognition, the doll will recognize her name. When it’s time to go night-night, the adorable Baby tucks herself snuggly in her blankie. Real Loving Baby™ doll can also recognize and ask for her bear and bottle, play peek-a-boo while giggling and much more. The Real Loving Baby™ doll will also be available in an African American version, as well as a Spanish speaking version. Requires four AA batteries, not included.
  • PollyWheels™ Race to the Mall: It’s a Race to the Mall? and girls can play three different ways! Girls can place Polly™ and Lila® in two cars at the gate, push down the keys and race or simply push on the car for continuous cruising up the automatic escalator. Polly™ and Lila® can race to win secrets and surprises. Girls can watch as the cars pick up speed through the loop and go up the automatic escalator. The first one to reach the shopping boutique captures a shopping bag and a flag will pop up when the first car arrives at the finish line! Requires 3 AA batteries, not included.
  • Hot Wheels® Maniacs™: Meet the ultimate digital driving dudes – the Hot Wheels® Maniacs™. Each handheld car features a hilarious animated driver in the LCD windshield. Kids can interact with their new virtual “friend” by feeding and playing with him, but watch out – these guys are all about getting you to laugh! The character responds to buttons on the hood and knows when he’s upside down, spinning or crashing. The Hot Wheels® Maniacs™ also feature handheld games to play with the virtual “friend” such as “bee-in-the-car,” “smash up showdown,” and more.
  • Hannah Montana DVD Board Game: This DVD game is based on the hottest tween TV show, “Hannah Montana,” the highest rated series in Disney Channel history. The DVD game features popular scenes and chart-topping songs, as well as your favorite characters including Miley (aka Hannah), Jackson, Robby, Lilly and Oliver.
  • High School Musical 2 DVD Board Game: This DVD board game is based on the upcoming kids movie, High School Musical 2, on the Disney Channel. This game features video clips from the movie, plus original outtakes and favorite songs and dances, as kids compete in different categories. Use your knowledge of everything HSM2 to win!
  • Tyco® R/C Terrainiac™ Vehicle: With its rear-sphere mega tire, hydro hulls and gyro-pivoting motion, the Terrainiac™ tears it up on just about any surface, including asphalt, dirt, grass, gravel, sand and even water. The Terrainiac also comes with a specially designed paddle-pivot transmitter that mimics the unique pivoting motion of the vehicle.
  • Matchbox® Mega-Rig® Shark Ship Vehicle: Get ready to set sail for adventure. As part of the Mega-Rig® building system, kids can disconnect and re-combine the Shark Ship™ vehicle to build 40 different boats or vehicles. Each has wheels and floats so kids can play with the Shark Ship set on land or in water. It also comes with a boat, “chomping” shark, themed-figure, harpoon, and more.
  • Funkeys™ by Radica®: The first interactive toy to combine collecting with connecting, Funkeys are available in fun, exciting designs, each unlocking a new zone when connected to a computer. The more Funkeys players buy, the more zones they can explore and the more games they can play. Players can earn coins to buy items to decorate their “crib” and post their crib online for friends to see.
  • Girl Tech Video Journal™ by Radica®: Girls can keep tabs on all of life’s adventures with the fun new Video Journal. They can take photos and record videos using the Video Journal digital camera then using software (included) create a customized digital journal. Girls can express their creativity with assorted templates and graphics while a calendar helps them stay organized. Password protection keeps out snooping siblings. Girls can even print out their journal pages to keep in their Password Journal. Video Journal includes software, digital camera, USB camera docking station and lanyard.
Fisher-Price® Brands:
  • Smart Cycle™: Using plug and play technology, parents simply plug this kid-sized stationary bike into their TV’s A/V jacks to bring the arcade experience home to enable kids to be active while learning. Kids pedal and steer to play fun learning games right on the TV.
  • “T.M.X. ™” Friends”: “T.M.X.™” Elmo has proved that laughter is contagious. Now, Elmo's Friends from Sesame Street, Ernie and Cookie Monster, join in on the fun as “T.M.X.” Friends, the new plush dolls that put their own spin on the exciting action of the original “T.M.X.” Elmo.
  • I Can Play™ Guitar System: Kids will make their rock star fantasies come true with this cool plug and play learning system that makes playing the guitar as easy and fun as playing a video game. It looks just like a real electric guitar, but features color-coded finger position buttons on the frets and abbreviated strings, perfect for small hands. Kids simply follow along with the fun games and visuals on their TV screens, matching color-coded images on the screen to the buttons to jam like rock stars in no time.
  • Easy Link™ Internet Launchpad: With the Easy-Link Internet Launchpad, kids can safely and easily visit preschool appropriate websites to play their favorite online games and activities. To get started, parents simply connect Easy-Link to their computer via a USB cord. Then kids can plug their favorite character figures into the launchpad, and be taken directly to the game section of that character’s website – no typing or reading required!
  • Puppy Grows & Knows Your Name: This adorable Puppy actually grows over time from a puppy to a big doggie and gets to know its owner’s name so kids feel that they are interacting with a “real” live special friend. Kids will watch in amazement as Puppy’s body, legs, ears and tail grow before their eyes. Using included software, parents can personalize Puppy to know the child’s name, dog’s name, friend’s name, favorite place to go with puppy, and more.
  • Digital Arts & Crafts Studio: Now it’s easy and secure for kids to create, save and print their very own arts and crafts projects on their home computer. Kids can use the stylus to draw masterpieces with numerous drawing tools, colors and stampers. Or they can create and customize various craft projects such as coloring pages, greeting cards, stationary, paper crafts, party supplies and even their own book!
  • Dora’s Let’s Get Ready VanityTM: This interactive vanity features the “Dora difference” complete with a Dora whose hair girls can style. Packed with great pretend accessories, girls can give Dora a new look or create a new style for themselves. Fiesta Adventure cards encourage play as Dora joins girls on multiple dress-up adventures, chiming in with bilingual, interactive phrases and object recognition.
  • NASCAR® Power Wheels®: On your mark…get set…GO! With the new NASCAR Power Wheels, one of America’s favorite pastimes is racing to kids’ own backyards. Now even the youngest drivers can create their own elite look with authentic NASCAR details. Real engine sounds complete the racecar experience. Choose from favorite racers like Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson or Tony Stewart.
  • Go, Diego, Go! Mobile Rescue Unit: Kids can travel with Diego on an African Safari to help him on his animal rescue missions with the Mobile Rescue Unit featuring three toys in one -- a kid-tough truck ready to roll to the rescue, a base of operations complete with mission post and veterinary center, and a launch pad with airstrip and airplane – everything kids need to help Diego save his African animal friends.
  • Planet Heroes™ Figure Assortment: Get ready for an intergalactic adventure with the new preschool action figures Planet Heroes. The assortment of chunky, easy-to-hold figures represent the planets in our solar system and each comes with special tools and/or vehicles to help them in their adventures. Together the Planet Heroes have teamed up to protect the galaxy from the evil Black Hole “Professor of Darkness”™ and his minions while at the same time teaching preschoolers about the solar system and all its wonders. The figures will each launch with a special DVD that introduces the characters and launches them into their first adventure.

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