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Snakesss Successs

Wild Republic

New York, NY - (February 7, 2011) – Wild Republic adds sssome colorful touches and new patterns to itsss slithering setsss of successsfull snakesss.

Wild Republic has updated its best-selling category of plusssh Snakessss ($12 each 54-inch long styles) with some exclusive fabric designs, vibrant colors, and some with realistic shaped heads.

The all-new snakesss are available in eight realistic species (Rhino Viper, Coral Snake, Timber Rattlesnake, Anaconda, Blue Rock Rattlesnake, Twin Spotted Rattle, Rainbow Boa, and Emerald Tree Boa) and three whimsical patterns (Rock & Roll Snake, Hearts Snake and Butterfly Glitter).

The colorful new 54” plush snakes are added to Wild Republic’s popular 70” colorful plush snakes ($14 each), the 52” colorful Vibes Snakes ($12 each) and 50” Colorful Glitter Snakes ($10 each) Vishnu Chandra, President of the company, explains, “Our snakes are proven sellers each and every year and we are pleased to offer even more creativity, imagination and fun to the line. Our commitment to providing naturethemed toys that are designed to spark the imagination and educate about the wonders of the wild will always be a quality that Wild Republic will continue to uphold.”

Wild Republic sweetened the ‘cute-factor’ of its plush lines this year with new embellishments, vibrance and voices. In addition to its new snakes, the company’s new WOWs glow-in-the-dark googly-eyed plush has brand new species and amplified sounds, and the funk factor has been increased in Wild Republic’s Wild Prints, Sweet & Sassy and Cool Beans plush lines.

As always, Wild Republic will offer all new animal species to its plush lines. The company has been acclaimed for its unbelievable assortment of different animals that are always exacting to the fine details and specifications of each and every individual species of animal, from basic Black Bear and Asian Elephant to Komodo Dragon and Kangaroo Rat. Wild Republic

Wild Republic is unveiling over 600 new products in 2011. Lead by the best selling Cuddlekins brand, a selection of Mommy and Baby sets arrive as well as the new Sweet And Sassy (bright colors and big eyes with silver stars, $16 each), and Cool Beans (small, fun, whimsical plush line featuring big lazy eyes, $10).styles will also debut. Throughout its 31 years, Wild Republic has had a knack for knowing the “next big thing” among people’s natural wildlife wonder and offering a broad spectrum of various animal species products to meet that demand. From its phenomenal successes with its Hanging Monkeys and Snakes to its current fan favorites, Wild Republic moves into its fourth decade of wildlife education as the long-term leader in providing nature-themed toys. The company’s current brands include, Cuddlekins, WOWs, Audubon Birds, Paws & Claws, Vibes, Know & Grow, wooden puzzles, foam and plush hats, wind-ups and puppets, among other items.

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Wild Republic, the nature toy brand of K&M International, Inc., is a preeminent brand of action-driven, naturethemed toys designed to spark a child's imagination and educate about the wonders of the wild through creative play. K&M International, Inc., headquartered in Twinsburg, Ohio, near Cleveland, is the leading provider of naturethemed toys to the specialty toy and gift markets. The brands' consumer Web site is located at