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Hide & Seek Junior Plush Elephant

Hide & Seek Junior (Plush) at R&R Games During Toy Fair

New York, NY - (February 7, 2012) - (Virtual Press Office) - R&R Games, the company that launched the hit toy that put an electronic twist on Hide & Seek, reveals new junior plush versions are Toy Fair 2012.

The new Hide & Seek Safari Junior (MSRP $34.95, for ages 3 and up) is a cuddly plush variation of R&R's perennial best-seller, Hide & Seek Safari (MSRP $34.95 for ages 5 and up). The original Hide & Seek Safari created a roaring success for R&R Games back in 2005, helping them to come out of the shadows of the toy giants. Now, the company has developed a new soft plush version that simplifies the game play for the youngest children. Press the button on the seeker wand and the animal will call out to you. The child must listen and follow the sounds of the animal in order to discover where it is hiding. The debut versions of Hide & Seek Safari Junior are a plush lion, monkey and elephant. This year R&R adds all new animals: a dog, cat, cow and panda Hide & Seek Junior.

R&R Games has enjoyed national success since the launch of Hide & Seek Safari as the accolades rolled in for the product. It won the Today Show Toy Test, Parenting Magazine's Toy of the Year, iParenting Seal of Approval, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, National Parenting Publication Award, and Dr. Toy Top 100 Award. Along the way, it also found favor with Regis Philbin from The Live with Regis and Kelly Show, who played with the original tiger in a live segment with "The Toy Guy™" Chris Byrne.

Frank DiLorenzo, president of R&R, explained the idea for Hide & Seek Safari. "The idea for this came from my 3 year-old son who had a blast playing with a portable phone's find it feature. We discovered that 2-3 year-old children often wanted to play with our cute Hide & Seek Safari toy, but could not always grasp the concept of following the lights on the wand to find the animal. However, they could follow a sound quite easily and with just as much fun. The new Hide & Seek Safari Junior plush was the perfect answer to make the product more accessible to toddlers."

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About R&R Games:
Based in Tampa, Florida, R&R Games, Inc. was established in 1996. The company has held true to founder Frank DiLorenzo's commitment to offering challenging fun to people through original games and toys. R&R's strict philosophy of designing and marketing high quality and innovative entertainment products has resulted in an ever-expanding product line of award-winning items. The R&R Games product line now includes the Hide & Seek Safari® Tiger and Monkey, and Hide & Seek Safari® Junior, as well as best-selling games, Times Up!®, Time's Up!® Title Recall, Masters of Venice®, Ticked Off®, Hey Waiter®, Pants on Fire™, Pressure Point®, Pig Pile®, Thingamajig®, Too Many Cooks®, Flea Circus®, Smarty Party®, You Must Be An Idiot®, Take Your Best Shot®, and Disorder®. For further information on R&R Games, visit and get all of the most up-to-date, immediate information and interact with the company on Twitter and Facebook