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Bandai America Blasts Off with Team Galaxy on a New Intergalatic Adventure in the Action Figure Category
Colorful Action Figures, Transforming Space Vehicles, Role-Play Toys & More Comprise This New Lineup for the Series on Cartoon Network

(CYPRESS, CA February 8, 2007) A perennial leader in the action figure category, Bandai America Incorporated is set to unveil in July 2007 its out-of-this-world lineup for Team Galaxy, the Cartoon Network show about three students training to be space marshals at a futuristic intergalactic high school. With its awesome space vehicles, high-tech gadgetry and wacky characters both human and alien the show debuted to stellar ratings last Fall and comes from Marathon Media (Totally Spies), France's top international television production and distribution company. Featuring the support of prestigious licensing agent MGM Consumer Products and with master toy licensee Bandai America at the helm, the brand is sure to energize fans across the galaxy with a dynamic lineup of action figures, vehicles, playsets, role-play products and more.

"With our expertise in driving action figure brands to success, Team Galaxy represents a great opportunity for Bandai America to extend its strong presence in the boys' category with a dynamic lineup of action figures and role-play toys," said Michael Riley, vice president of marketing. "The property also allows us to partner with two strong entertainment entities in the industry, and with the combined efforts of Cartoon Network, Team Galaxy is sure to be on the minds of every young boy who dreams of being a heroic fighter pilot in outer space."

Team Galaxy is a fast-paced animated adventure for kids ages 6 to 11 that is set in the coolest high school in the universe, Galaxy High. The series follows the exploits of three students Josh, Brett and Yoko forced to multi-task between the tribulations of their "regular" teen lives and high-flying space adventures. Full-throttle thrills are in store when the three friends become the unlikely defenders of Earth as they face off against over-the-top alien villains. Highly stylized and unique in its presentation, the series features a mixture of anime- inspired 2D animation and the computer generated 3D animation of today.

Bandai America's Team Galaxy lineup features action figures, vehicles, role-play toys and more, including:

    5" Action Figures features all the colorful characters from Galaxy High and beyond, including Josh, Brett, Yoko, and aliens Thork and Gangus. One assortment offers figures with cool weapons and a cockpit that transforms into a vehicle. Another array of figures includes the three main characters, Josh, Brett and Yoko, along with a compatible bike. Each fast-riding motorcycle can also transform into other toys, such as a hover craft, battle cannon with armor and a high-tech weapon, and has working lights.

    Vehicles the Mini Vehicles sport colorful yet sleek designs, and include both Team Galaxy and alien ships. All the versions can be raced around, displayed on the included stand or launched out of the Launcher Playset (not included). Meanwhile, the Transforming Vehicles can turn into a powerful robot and be customized with cool stickers. This lineup also includes two Ultra-Pets, Fluffy and Spike, which also transform into robots. Toss them and watch them spin open to reveal themselves.

    Launcher Playsets based on different environments from the show, kids can catapult their Mini Vehicles at top speeds for exciting action. Mix and match the vehicles from your collection for even more fun, or create unique play worlds by attaching the display stands to the playsets to create racing tracks. The two alien-based playsets also burst apart as the vehicles race through them. Each comes with one vehicle.

    Role-Play featuring replicas of the weapons used by the Galaxy High team, each role-play toy offers cool lights and sound effects for reenacting the intergalactic action from the show. Additionally, the Gyro Shooter is designed after the team's awesome Space Shuttle and includes three soft foam launchers shaped like Josh's Defender ship. To activate the shooting action, pull back on the wings, aim and then fire.

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About Bandai America Incorporated
A leader in introducing Japanese toy trends to the United States, Bandai America Incorporated is a subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings (USA) Inc., a new entity that resulted from the integration of Namco Ltd. and Bandai Co. Ltd. of Japan. Global interests encompass five strategic business units: toys and hobby (toys, models, apparel and sundries), amusement facilities, game content (home and arcade console gaming), mobile content, and visual and music content (including home entertainment). Bandai America is the manufacturer and master toy licensee of some of the most popular brands in children's toys and entertainment today, including Power Rangers, Ben 10, Team Galaxy, Tamagotchi and Girlz Connect. The company is headquartered in Cypress, California and information is available at

About Marathon Media
Marathon Media (, based in Paris, is a leader in international TV program production and distribution. Marathon Media is France's top producer of animated programming and one of the genre's leading producers worldwide with international successes such as Totally Spies!, Martin Mystery and Marsupilami. The company's Totally Spies! series is currently seen in more than 100 countries and territories, including Cartoon Network in the U.S. In addition to television, Marathon Media has extended the worldwide Totally Spies! franchise to include hundreds of products in the areas of publishing, toys, video, interactive, apparel and others for children. Marathon Media is part of the Finhera group, also holding Tele Images, Adventure Line Productions and Marathon, which distributes Marathon Media's programming through its distribution arm. Finhera is the second largest TV production and distribution group in France covering live action, game show formats, documentary and animation. It is home to Totally Spies!, Atomic Betty, Street Football, Saint-Tropez, Ford Boyard, Koh Lanta (Survivor), Dolmen, And Man Invented Animals and other leading international properties.

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