Toy News - 2011 - Silver Dolphin Children's Books Offers New Series & Additions to Popular Series for Spring 2011
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Twisted Tales Cinderella: Ninja Warrior and Sleeping Beauty

Silver Dolphin Children's Books Offers New Series & Additions to Popular Series for Spring 2011

New Tween Series Twisted Tales, Critically Acclaimed Gakken Books Take Publisher in New Direction; Pledger & Field Guide Series Make Much Anticipated Additions

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Silver Dolphin Books, a leading publisher of quality, innovative, interactive, and educational children's books, announces the release of its spring 2011 collection with several new engaging educational series, as well as eagerly awaited title additions to our most popular existing series.

This spring, Silver Dolphin has added the exciting Tween series Twisted Tales to its ever-growing lineup, with its first titles Cinderella: Ninja Warrior and Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer (April, $8.95, 320 pages). Author Maureen McGowan has taken the classic fairytale and "twisted" the storyline, making each heroine bold, independent and quite capable of taking care of herself—thus creating stories that are empowering for young women. The second part of the tale's "twist" is the reader gets to choose from three alternative endings—creating an exciting, fun adventure like no other! We are very proud and excited about the release of Twisted Tales.

Critically acclaimed educational Gakken Workbooks come to Silver Dolphin this spring with Let's Create, Let's Get Ready and Let's Learn (June, $12.95, 192 pages). Based on the methods of psychologist Akira Tago, a widely acclaimed innovator in childhood education and professor emeritus at Chiba University in Japan, the Gakken Workbooks encourage creative play through a series of developmentally appropriate steps covering age ranges 2 through 6. Each activity builds upon others to reinforce important concepts, while gradually improving a child's ability to reason, make decisions and concentrate. This proven model of learning is based on more than 30 years of psychological research, and helps children build the fundamental skill sets needed for success in school.

Also debuting this spring are Disney's Mickey Mouse and Dora the Explorer with the new Watch Me Draw 'n' Go series! With Watch Me Draw 'n' Go Dora's Favorite Adventures and Watch Me Draw 'n' Go Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (March, $12.95, 24 pages) children will love learning how to take simple doodles and turn them into art with their favorite Disney friends. These drawing activity books come with their own pads, reusable stickers and twistable crayons.

Other new series include the Big Book of Activity Fun featuring titles Super Cool and Super Sweet (May, $12.95, 308 pages). These books promise to banish boredom with coloring pages, punch out pieces, word searches, mazes, stickers and more. Kids will have so much fun counting, identifying shapes and letters of the alphabet they won't realize they're learning! Beloved children's illustrator Maurice Pledger introduces a new Sticker Book series with Jungle World and Wildlife World. With more than 200 oversized stickers, kids will enjoy completing different wildlife scenes. Also new is Snuggle Bunny, a board book that does double duty. Parents will love reading the story to their child at bed time while animating the cuddly hand puppet that's included. Bedtime is fun with Snuggle Bunny!

Back this season is Classic Pop-Ups, a relatively new series for Silver Dolphin. With the success of Peter Pan and The Wizard Of Oz, this season we present Classic Pop-Ups: Alice in Wonderland (March, $18.95, 16 pages). Full of explosive 3-D pop-ups, colorful illustrations and corresponding sounds, the story is brought to life in a new and unique way. The best-selling 3-D Explorer series adds its fifth title this season with Dinosaurs (June, $17.95, 32 pages), complete with its stunning pop-up scenes, unique transparent layers and educational component that the Explorer series is known for. A series gaining traction for us is the Viewfinder series, and for spring we offer Reptiles (May, $19.95, 30 pages). This unique series comes with a removable magnifying glass, and the book contains special sliding panels and fabulous flaps so curious kids can become reptile experts.

Another relatively new series for Silver Dolphin is the Teddy Bear Sing Along series by award-winning photographer Dave Ellwand, with Row, Row, Row Your Boat (May, $12.95, 14 pages) publishing in spring. Filled with old-fashioned teddies and antique toys, children will delight in singing along with this childhood classic while they explore the adorable scenes of Teddy and his friends on every page. Maurice Pledger's Explore series is always a favorite, and this season Explore: Underwater (May, $14.95, 20 pages) takes readers on an underwater journey to discover the lives of sea creatures with vibrant illustrations including die-cut cover with lenticular, texture patches, moving pictures and flaps.

Perhaps one of the longest-running Silver Dolphin series is our Field Guide series—now with more than 200,000 copies in print. For spring 2011, we present our seventh title in the series, The Field Guide To Birds (March, $15.95, 32 pages). Written in the style of a scientist's research notebook, this unique book includes more than 50 pieces that kids can use to assemble eight different exotic birds to create a diorama. Two series are being extended this season. Amazing X-Rays adds Pets and Wild Animals (March, $19.95, 40 pages) featuring real x-rays that kids can clip in a built-in light box allowing them to go beneath the surface to reveal the skeletons of their favorite pets—like dogs, cats, birds and fish—as well as those of more exotic animals such as elephants, monkeys and cheetahs. Interactive Explorer adds BodyWorks—a look at vital systems of the human body—and Oceans & Rain Forests (April, $14.95, 52 pages) an amazing journey deep inside these diverse habitats and the many creatures that call them home.

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