Toy News - 2011 - Klutz® Debuts Twelve New Activity Books at 2011 Toy Fair
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Klutz® Debuts Twelve New Activity Books at 2011 Toy Fair

Klutz® Debuts Twelve New Activity Books at 2011 Toy Fair

New York (February 18, 2011) - Since 1977, Klutz has been making books-plus products for kids ages 3 to 103 and has sold more than 100 million activity products to date. Klutz began its corporate life in a garage shared with a Chevrolet Impala. Although Klutz has long outgrown that first office, its galactic headquarters remains in Palo Alto, California, and is staffed entirely by real human beings. Klutz's mission is simple: Create wonderful things. Be good. Have fun.

This year, Klutz is pleased to introduce its new president Matt Brown. Brown took the reins of Klutz from recently retired co-founder John Cassidy on September 7, 2010. Before coming to Klutz, Brown was the co-founder and Play Czar at BIG BOING, LLC, a strategic innovation company committed to promoting happiness and well-being through play. Before BIG BOING, Brown was at LeapFrog where he worked as the Vice President of the Internet Division and Vice President of Business Development. Brown is dedicated to making play and laughter central in the lives of kids and families. He will be available for interviews throughout Toy Fair 2011.

Stop by booth #2049 on February 14th from 11:00 AM - 12:00 noon to try your hand at thumb wrestling. Go thumb to thumb in our specially-made thumb wresting ring to win a copy of Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide. Be sure to flash your press pass to get a front row seat to Toy Fair's main event and possibly land an interview with the Thumb-a-nator. Don't miss it… it's going to be a nail biter!

Klutz is super excited to introduce the following new titles for spring.


The Marvelous Book of Magical Horses by Eva Steele-Saccio ($19.99, February 2011). This book comes with six gorgeous paper ponies, and two paper-doll fairies. Plus of course, everything you need to dress them up and play to your heart's content. Four fabulous illustrated backgrounds inspire all sorts of imaginative play. (Ages 6+)

Me Versus You by Michael Sherman ($10.99, February 2011). Prepare yourself for a one-on-one, head-to-head, mano-a-mano challenge. Even better, a whole bunch of them. Me Versus You is more than a book. It's two books, actually. It's designed to be split into two hand-held pad and pencil sets, one for you, one for me. Pick an activity, flip to the corresponding page in each pad and BAM! It! Is! On! (Ages 8+) Rule the World: 119 Shortcuts to Total World Domination by the Editors of Klutz ($16.99, February 2011). This book covers fundamental ruler-y skills, like keeping tabs on everyone (shortcut #5), appearing generous without giving anything (#118), raising an eyebrow (#98), and getting someone to carry your stuff (#63). Because we believe that ruling the world should be fun, effortless, and accessible to everyone - even the supremely lazy. (Ages 8+)

Safety Pin Bracelets by Kaitlyn Nichols ($19.99, February 2011). Safety Pin Bracelets shows how anyone can craft an entire collection of brilliantly sparkling jewelry out of garden-variety safety pins. The book includes 12 unique bracelet designs - from waves that swirl around your wrist, to fancy fan shapes, to pixilated pictures that look like bead mosaics. All the styles give the humble safety pin unprecedented glamour. Whichever design you choose, you pick the colors and patterns so each bracelet is uniquely you. (Ages 8+)

Sticker Design Studio by Karen Phillips ($16.99, February 2011). This book is packed with over 400 die-cut designs you mix, match, color and layer to create your own unique stickers. Glittery accents provide that all-important sparkle, while light gray linework gives just the right amount of artistic help. Once they are inked over, the lines become nearly invisible - so only your creative genius shows. (Ages 8+)

Thumb Wars: The Ultimate Guide by Eva Steele-Saccio ($12.99, February 2011). This book covers everything from the classic challenges of thumb wars, strategies, and training exercises to fake outs, trash talk, and never-before-played games. Sleek, shiny, and sensational, this book also comes complete with the Sleeve of Doom, the ultimate instrument of thumb war combat. (Ages 8+)

MARCH 2011

Chalk The Block by Michael Sherman ($12.99, March 2011). Chalk the Block is a handbook of inspired lunacy packaged with a set of chalk. There are no elaborate chalk art projects in this book, nor nostalgic hopscotch games. It's just the jokes, folks, and every one of them is easy to execute, simple to draw, and guaranteed to bring a smile to passersby. (Ages 6+)

Draw Your World Your Way by the Editors of Klutz ($19.99, March 2011). With Draw Your World Your Way, any crazy thing you can dream up, you can draw up. The book's three sections are crammed with simple step-by-steps for drawing all kinds of Creatures and Characters, Objects and Backgrounds. Hand pick your projects to combine the perfect elements for a conventional scene, or flip through the book at random to create complete craziness. Either way, you'll be drawing something that has never been drawn before. (Ages 8+)

Friendship Pixies by Karen Phillips ($16.99, March 2011). Bend some wire to form a body, wrap it with colorful raffia clothing, and add sparkly yarn hair. You've just made a friendship pixie! Finished pixies are cute, flexible and great listeners. They're also just a little bit magic. That's because each pixie gets a sparkly charm that shows the exact wish she delivers. (Ages 8+) The Klutz Guide to the Galaxy by Pat Murphy and the Scientists of Klutz Labs ($19.99, March 2011). With this book you can explore the universe without leaving the comfort of your backyard. Assemble the included telescope to see the Moon's top attractions. Flick on the red-lens flashlight - specially designed to keep your night vision intact - to consult the Tourist Map of the Moon and super-simple star charts. Tell time with a star, using the book's built-in sundial. Or use the astrolabe to figure out your latitude anywhere on Earth. (Ages 8+)

APRIL 2011

The Encylcopedia of MY Immaturity by The Editors of Klutz ($16.99, April 2011). The Encyclopedia of MY Immaturity is a wise-cracking collection of write-in-the-book activities immortalizing the triumphs of a misspent youth. Like your sister's diary, this journal comes with a handy pen mounted right on the front cover. Unlike your sister's diary, it also comes with a few fake fill-in-the-blank, parent-praising journal entries (for the benefit of unauthorized snoops). Other entries include "how immature are you, really?", "what will you barely grow up to be?", and "what kind of goofball are you?" (Ages 8+)

Fabulous Flowers by Anne Akers Johnson ($19.99, April 2010). This 60-page book is filled with can't-go-wrong instructions for making paper flowers that are, quite possibly, even prettier than the real thing. A custom winding-tool makes it easy to roll and shape paper petals into life-sized blossoms inspired by some of our favorite flowers. Sparkly embellishments, fresh paper colors, and whimsical design variations give these blooms a twist that's pure Klutz. (Ages 8+)

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