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SuperXMoto Debuts at Toy Fair in New York

First Radio Control Vehicle to Perform a Back Flip

Torrance, CA-(February 8, 2012)- The first radio-control vehicle to perform a backflip, the SuperXMoto from The Maya Group, will make its media debut at American International Toy Fair, opening in New York February 12. The radio-controlled dirtbike is the result of a powerful motor and creative innovation, revving up the market for radio control vehicles.

"We're really excited about this breakthrough engineering," says Ron Brawer, a partner in The Maya Group. "With a powerful motor, a specially engineered take-off ramp and careful weight distribution, we have managed to make this stunt possible."

The magic of the SuperXMoto is not only it's stunt capabilities, but also the driver's ability to maneuver it like a real motorcycle with exceptional ease. Realistic deco and graphics give the appearance of an authentic contender. It is equipped with heavy-duty suspension to handle what it takes to land a backflip or smash into a curb.

The backflip is the opening trick at most Freestyle Motocross (FMX) events. Once considered impossible, the first backflip at an FMX event was executed by Cary Hart at the Gravity Games in 2000. The trick changed the face of FMX.

Fusing performance with striking design, the SuperXMoto out-performs its competition in form and function. The SuperXMoto comes with a dual-purpose ramp for skillful back flips or thrill-seeking long jumps. The ramp converts to a distance ramp, allowing the bike to jump up to 10 feet. It also comes with all batteries, and ready to amaze the crowd.

The SuperXMoto will be available at all major US retailers beginning August 1 2012.

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The SuperXMoto from The Maya Group, the first-ever Radio-control vehicle to perform a back flip, will debut at the American International Toy Fair in New York.