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Blue Orange Releases 3 Hot New Games Covering All Tastes

San Francisco, CA - Something smells good at Toy Fair, and it's not the food court - if you are using your imagination, that is! Blue Orange Games will launch three hot new games to please any palate at the 2012 New York Toy Fair. Whether you have a sweet spot for word games, have a knack for imaginative games, or crave hilarious party games, Blue Orange has got gamers covered.

In Chef Cuckoo, players concoct creative dishes to meet a food challenge using a selection from a variety of Ingredient Cards. What's so kooky about Chef Cuckoo? Depending on the randomly drawn Food Challenge Card, players may be tasked with an awful dish or a tasty one. Whether the "Worst Pizza" or "Best Sandwich," chefs must do their best to impress fellow players with an entertaining description and name for their special.

Chef Cuckoo is a delightful way to expose kids to the fundamentals of cooking. Each Ingredient Card features caloric information to help build awareness of serving sizes and encourage healthy eating habits. Chefs will also learn about the preferences of their family and friends' taste buds. All ages will show their talents while they whip up winning additions to the game menu.

While Chef Cuckoo allows players to flaunt their creative side, Speedeebee has players sharpening their vocabulary and speedy cognition in a stimulating, fast-paced atmosphere. With 150 fun challenges and four alphabet dice, players try to be the first to find words containing or excluding the letters shown on the dice. Simultaneous play, engaging challenges and a race to the call out the winning word make Speedeebee the ultimate word game. The diversity of word challenges and dice combinations makes Speedeebee excitingly different every time it's played.This quick-thinking game is sure to be a honey of a favorite with parents, teachers and kids.

Among the many joyful sounds of Toy Fair, squeaks may be heard coming from booth 311. Wander over and you'll discover the source - Shrimp Cocktail, a hilarious party game of visual perception, categorization and rapid response. Humorous illustrations of shrimp decorate the cards, from which players race to identify matches between four characteristics: origin, color, quantity and size. For example, When a player spots three Mexican green shrimp, he's scored a Shrimp Jackpot and will immediately squeeze the squeaky starfish to announce his catch.

Perfect for family nights and get-togethers, no previous knowledge is required to play this highly addictive game.

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About Blue Orange Games:
With 10 years experience creating stimulating and easy-to-learn games, exquisitely designed for maximum fun, Blue Orange Games looks to the future with consistent ideals. Using durable materials, Blue Orange pledges to produce high quality and eco-friendly games that are enjoyable for the whole family. As always, we remain committed to planting two trees for every one tree used in game construction.