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Blue Orange Introduces Flapz at Toy Fair

A handmade classic turned into an eco-friendly and endlessly fun game

San Francisco, CA - The latest addition to Blue Orange Games' Pocket Collection will be easy to spot among the company's 9 new 2012 games debuting at this year's New York Toy Fair. A folded game with bold colors and eye-catching designs, Blue Orange Games is excited to introduce Flapz!

Inspired by the beloved schoolyard activity, Blue Orange maximized its fun factor by creating a whopping 96 commands that range from factoids, to hilarious performances, to acts of imagination. In a game of Flapz!, you may be asked to:

    1. Announce the daily specials at a restaurant for witches and goblins
    2. Pantomime blowing a giant imaginary bubble
    3. Spell a player's name backwards

As the challenges change with situations and players, no two games of Flapz will ever be the same!

Bendable, light as a feather, and no bigger than their hand, kids will be amazed at how much fun they'll have playing Flapz! It easily slips into binders, fits comfortably inside any pocket and is ready to be whipped out at any moment for guaranteed giggles and head-scratching challenges. You can even put it in an envelope and mail it to someone special for a unique surprise gift.

The secret behind Flapz! is its innovative material. Resembling paper, Tyvek® far surpasses it in terms of flexible durability. Waterproof, impossible to tear and completely recyclable, Tyvek® makes Flapz! the ideal way to play this familiar origami-style game.

Flapz! brings out the best in kids as it gets them doing what they love the most: storytelling, blinking contests, rhyming, memory challenges, goofy dancing…the list goes on! Every game will mentally stimulate, titillate and get kids moving.

As players serve up challenges with hand movements, Flapz! reinforces fine motor and gross motor skills, while also encouraging cooperation, and developing listening skills. In addition, Flapz! is an excellent tool for dramatic play and self-expression. From recess to family trips, Flapz! can be played with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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About Blue Orange Games:
With 10 years experience creating stimulating and easy-to-learn games, exquisitely designed for maximum fun, Blue Orange Games looks to the future with consistent ideals. Using durable materials, Blue Orange pledges to produce high quality and eco-friendly games that are enjoyable for the whole family. As always, we remain committed to planting two trees for every one tree used in game construction.