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Oregon's laptops fit today's kids' styles with designs and activities inspired by Barbie®, Hot Wheels® and Star Wars®

February 10, 2007, Tulatin, OR – Who said being smart can't be fun? Oregon Scientific, maker of award-winning personal electronics, has the hot properties kids want with learning features parents look for in laptop designs that feature Barbie®, Hot Wheels® and Star Wars®. Oregon Scientific will unveil the new laptops as well as "junior" editions of its hit SmartGlobe™ and the ATC2K, a water-resistant helmet camera, at the American International Toy Fair in New York this month.

"We've taken Oregon Scientific's heritage in making award-winning electronic products for the home to the toy aisle, creating one-of-a-kind, affordable laptop designs that kids are going to love toting around and playing with for hours – whether you're child is into Barbie, Hot Wheels or Star Wars," says Bill Uzell, Executive Vice President of Electronic Learning Products for Oregon Scientific. "The new electronic learning laptops cultivate fundamental skills through dozens of activities and play features, all with a kid-friendly keyboard."

Meanwhile, older `kids' (teens to adults) will want to strap on the waterproof, hands-free ATC2K helmet camera to make their own personal videos. This durable helmet cam captures all the action – whatever your sport.

Press can preview Oregon Scientific's new line at the 2007 American International Toy Fair in New York, February 11-14, Booth #3037, at the Jacob Javits Center. Here's a sneak-peek:

    Barbie B-Smart Laptop
    Join Barbie for learning fun with the super-stylish Barbie B-Smart. This learning laptop offers young fashionistas 80 bilingual activities (70 in English, 10 in Spanish) in math, spelling, logic and memory and comes complete with headphones, external mouse and pink mouse pad. (Approximate retail price: $59.99; Ages 5 and up; Available summer 2007 at retail stores nationwide)

    Hot Wheels Accelerator Laptop
    Put the pedal to the metal and join in the fun with the Hot Wheels Accelerator! The Hot Wheels Accelerator laptop features activities in math, logic, memory and spelling – 30 activities in English and 30 in Spanish. To add to the fun, Hot Wheels racetracks can be mounted to the laptop and kids can test the speed of their cars right on the laptop. (Approximate retail price: $59.99; Ages 5 and up; Available summer at retail stores nationwide)

    Star Wars Darth Vader Laptop
    In the shape of Darth Vader's mask, the Darth Vader Laptop is the ultimate learning toy for the young Star Wars fans. Pick up the interactive light saber and join Darth Vader on a mission with mind-blowing games in logic, memory, music and other breathtaking activities! (Approximate retail price: $59.99; Ages 5 and up; Available summer 2007 at retail stores nationwide)

    SmartGlobe Junior
    Following on the heels of the award-winning SmartGlobe 2.0, the SmartGlobe Junior brings a world of discovery right to any child's room. Go on a fun-filled voyage of discovery with the interactive SmartGlobe Junior. Cool animations and sounds indulge children's curiosity and encourage independent exploratory play through a simple touch pad. The SmartGlobe Junior introduces children to animals, famous sites, language, music, food and clothing from around the world. (Approximate retail price: $49.99; Ages 3 and up; Available summer 2007 at retail stores nationwide)

    Barbie World Traveler SmartGlobe
    Join Barbie on a learning journey around the world. Music, cool sound effects, animation and the voice of Barbie bring to life world facts in a simple and entertaining way. The interactive touch globe introduces preschool children to animals, famous sites, food and clothing from around our fascinating world. (Approximate retail price: $49.99; Ages 3 and up; Available summer 2007 at retail stores nationwide)

    ATC2K Waterproof Hands-Free Action Cam
    Dirt, Snow, Rain or Shine… capture all the action with the ultimate all-terrain digital video camera, the ATC2K. Weighing in at just one-half pound, this hands-free action camera delivers full-color, digital video and mounts easily on helmets, bikes, race cars, dirt bikes and more. And the ATC2K is waterproof up to 10 feet. Play Hard, Record Everything! (Approximate retail price: $129.99; Ages 8 and up; Available now at retail stores nationwide)

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About Oregon Scientific:
Founded in 1991, Oregon Scientific is headquartered in Tualatin, a quaint suburb of beautiful Portland, Oregon. Nestled among other Northwest technology giants, it is quickly becoming one of the world's leading designers and marketers of upscale personal electronics. Oregon Scientific offers six families of products, ranging from youth & learning to sports & fitness. Built from its hallmark of timing and weather devices, Oregon Scientific is expanding to meet the diverse needs of its customers to enhance the way we live, work and play.
Oregon Scientific's Youth & Learning Electronics offer a variety of educational and fun kid-friendly electronics ranging from interactive laptops and books to small gadgets for on-the-go learning. Licenses from Mattel, Batman™ and now Superman™ bring activities to life, enhancing the imagination and connection to learning. Oregon Scientific's Youth & Learning Electronic products can be purchased at major toy and game retailers and at Oregon Scientific retail locations in the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto California, the Century City Shopping Center in Los Angeles California and Bridgeport Village in Tigard Oregon.
Oregon Scientific is a division of one of the world's premier electronics manufacturers, Integrated Display Technology, Ltd. (IDT), based in Hong Kong. IDT was founded in 1977 and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchanged as IDT Technology and on the Singapore Exchange as I-Com.