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Fairfield, NJ - February 10, 2012 - YBIKE's new Explorer Go-Kart leads the 2012 line of YBIKE wheels that includes YBIKE balance bikes and scooters. Americans have embraced balance bikes to hone preschooler's balance and coordination skills to prepare for riding a two-wheeled bike.

The Original YBIKE balance bike's unique design, quality and attention to safety enables toddlers to meet the challenge of independently riding a bike. Features include an extended front fork angle to allow for safe turning. Two closely aligned rear wheels help with balance but still allows a child to lean from side to side while turning. Other design features include high ground clearance to ensure safety regardless of terrain and large wheels for safe riding on uneven surface. The Original YBike is made of high quality, smooth, durable injection molded plastic.

YBIKE comes in 4 vibrant colors.: orange, blue, pink and green. (MSRP $84.99). Recommended ages 2 - 4.

YBIKE Extreme is a more challenging, slightly larger version of the popular YBIKE. Its aluminum frame, narrower back wheel base and larger rubber wheels make it more advanced ride. YBIKE Extreme comes in bright orange. (MSRP $94.99). Recommended ages 3 - 5.

YBIKE AND YBIKE EXTREME are lightweight and easy to transport. Assembly is easy: 5 minutes for YBIKE and 10 minutes for YBIKE EXTREME. YBIKE US offers schools its FUNdamental Motor Skills early childhood and pre-school program, which includes activities to stimulate growth in motor skills, implemented and guided by the school's teachers. The YBIKE line includes two uniquely designed scooters: Kicker and Glider. The YBIKE Glider introduces younger children to scootering while YBIKE Kicker requires more honed balance and coordination skills.

The YBIKE Kicker is what a toddler scooter should be: Cool, sleek lines, bright colors supported by large 10" rubber wheels that allow kids to use KICKER on all possible surfaces from smooth driveways and pavement to off road riding on grass, dirt and rock. The stable injected molded plastic handle bar and scooter base are mounted on a sturdy and light aluminium frame. YBIKE KICKER comes in red. Maximum weight is 100lbs. Recommended ages 3 - 5. . MSRP $99.99.

YBIKE Glider is a sturdy, lightweight aluminum scooter that makes it easier for toddlers to balance. It's 3 wheel design features 2 large rubber wheels in front and one in back. It's easy to steer and has a wide rubberized footbase for a comfortable and smooth ride. GLIDER is available in pink and green. Maximum weight is 88 lbs. Recommended ages 3 and up. MSRP $79.99.

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About National Sporting Goods
National Sporting Goods ("NSG") is the sole US distributor for the YBIKE line. The YBIKE line of sleekly designed and award-winning balance bikes was introduced to the US marketplace in 2010 Based in Fairfield, NJ, NSG is a leading manufacturer and distributor of junior wheel goods and related sporting goods. Founded in 1963 today NSG specializes in selling its line of Chicago Skates (quad and in line) and skateboards.

YBIKE was created by Chrome Cherry Design Studios of South Africa.