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Ibuku Pets

iBuKu Pets™: The Lovable New Face of Edutainment 2012 in New York

Start-up tech toy company Arbor Cube will introduce its line of huggable learning toys at this year's Toy Fair.
Ann Arbor, Michigan, February 10, 2012 - (Virtual Press Office) --- With the launch of its new line of iBuKu Pets™, start-up technology toy company Arbor Cube has found a way to breathe new life into old smartphones while making learning safe and fun for little ones.

According to Arbor Cube co-founder Simon Channey, iBuKu Pets combine the tech toys element of meaningful play with a huggable device protector and an environmentally-responsible message to encourage the reuse of the millions of old smartphones collecting dust in drawers or bound for landfills.

iBuKu Pets feature a soft body that will expand to house a smartphone or iPod Touch®. The cushiony shell protects fragile electronics and is available in many characters kids will love.

More than just a cute toy, iBuKu Pets offer dozens of practical applications including serving as a nightlight, alarm clock, wireless battery charger, still and video camera, music player and educational toy appropriate for ages three to 12.

The line will initially debut with two patent-pending models: a base model featuring the doll only and an upgraded version with an internal battery and wireless charging designed to benefit new or older smartphones that may have trouble holding a charge. Future plans call for additional technology features that will allow iBuKu Pets to grow with their child.

Channey points out iBuKu Pets are a natural extension of children's fascination with technology. He cites a 2011 Neilsen survey that found nearly half of kids ages one to 12 wanted an iOS device for Christmas. "As parents ourselves, we know that kids today love technology and this is a great way to let them safely play with a phone that otherwise could have wound up in a landfill. And with all the educational apps out there and our plans for educational add-ons, we are excited to harness that interest so kids have the chance to learn in a fun and unique way," says Channey.


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Arbor Cube has patent-pending technology to protect current and future applications of the iBuKu Pets line. The company will take pre-orders at the Toy Industry Association's American International Toy Fair 2012 in New York and the final product will be available to ship in spring 2012. For additional information visit