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Bridge Street Toys

Bridge Street Toys Introduces Five New Girder and Panel® Building Sets For Children

Weston, MA (February 2011) – Bridge Street Toys, the proud maker of the award winning Girder and Panel,® Bridge and Turnpike,® and HYDRODYNAMIC® building sets, are excited to announce five new additions to their building set product line.

Children’s Museum
Our Children’s Museum will be the hit of any child’s city. Bright green panels with large, transparent windows make this set a lot of fun. Build a Children’s Museum with a large, open atrium. Includes colorful signs, flags, a 12 page building guide, and our all-new pieces to make a balcony! Set includes 265+ pieces and is appropriate for the experienced builder.

Clarksville Elementary School
Every city needs a school and you can design yours from the ground up. Our set lets you build an elementary school modeled on the school in Maryland which Paul Flack attended as a child. Includes over 190 pieces, a 12 page building guide, five different panel designs and colorful signs and flags.

Post Office
Every town in America has a post office, so we made one to include with the Girder and Panel city. This set is appropriate for the beginning builder. Includes over 110 pieces, an eight page building guide, three different panel designs and colorful American flags.

Town House Series
These small sets are a cheerful addition to the Girder and Panel collection. They are easy to mix and match, available in several different colors and economically priced. Each set includes 72 pieces and four different panel designs - including the all-new balcony railings.

Inman Park Town House comes with brillant blue panels with a bright orange door and window trim. This set was named for a neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia.

Goose Hollow Town House comes with happy pink panels with a dark blue door and ornate windows trimmed in pale blue. This set was named for a neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.

The Bridge Street Toys Girder and Panel building sets consist of realistic HO scale parts that allow children to create structures that are built the same way that real buildings are designed and built. These construction toy sets are powerful tools for teaching children the basic principles of designing buildings and bridges. The Bridge Street Toy building sets are great for science fair projects.

Many of today’s architects and engineers were inspired by the Girder and Panel building sets that they played with as children from the 1960s and the1970s. The toy continues to have a following as indicated by the sheer number of collector websites devoted to the original. Baby boomer parents who grew up with the sets want to now share the joy they experienced as children with their own kids.

“It is a good feeling to know that we have brought back such a well loved toy! We started the company because these toys were my favorite growing up and I was disappointed when I couldn’t find them for my kids to play with. I credit my career choice (engineering) to having played with and loved these toys as a kid. They sparked my imagination and got me interested in building and science,” said Paul Flack, President of Bridge Street Toys, “We will continue to bring new versions of the toys to market and take pride in working hard to bring high-quality, educational toys to the marketplace.”

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Bridge Street Toys is a privately-held company founded by Carol and Paul Flack, both of whom are engineers who have advanced degrees from Carnegie Mellon University. The company was conceived in 2003 when Carol tried to buy a new set of Paul’s favorite childhood building toy and discovered that it was no longer being manufactured by Kenner. Carol saw an opportunity to put this amazingly creative line of toys back into production. She wanted to share her husband’s love of building with a new generation of children.

The company’s primary goal is to make products that inspire children to pursue careers in engineering, architecture and technology. Bridge Street Toys currently sells thirteen different updated versions of the original Kenner “Girder and Panel” building sets that were sold by the company from 1957 to 1968. Bridge Street Toys has plans for quite a few more building sets with at least one set being marketed towards getting girls interested in careers in the building arts and sciences.