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Purse Switchables

Mary Meyer Debuts Purse Switchables For the fun and the style of being a girl New for 2011

Townshend, VT-- Mary Meyer presents Purse Switchables, clever, playful purses for preschool through early grade school girls. These purses are so cute and can be changed to a different look and style and color like magic. A wardrobe of purses with one bag and assorted colors.

Purse Switchables are purses that change in a snap. A little girl can change the style of her purse by snapping on a new cover. The purse handles and liners are 12inches x 8inches. The handles are easy to grasp. The covers are easy to snap on and off.

There are 12 colorful covers to choose from with different textures, materials and designs. Daisy is green with quilted petals, Rasta is a shaggy pink and green striped, Cuppy is pink with a quilted cupcake, Rosy is a lavender satin with a row of colorful roses. And the list goes on. So many choices.

The base purses, which are purse liners with handles, are $15 each and come in three color options: Aqua, Pink and Purple.

The Purse Covers are $10. This is where the fun and creativity comes to play. There are 12 different 8inch x 8inch covers to choose from and collect. Purse Switchables are both accessories and fashion toys.

For more information, call Mary Meyer at 800-451-4387 or visit Mary Meyer at

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