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Breyer Animal Creations


New ASPCA Benefit Set Will Raise Funds for ASPCA Programs

(Pequannock, NJ - Feb. 12, 2011) -- Breyer Animal Creations® heads into the 2011 American International Toy Fair, this Sun.-Wed., Feb. 13-16, 2011 at the Jacob Javits Center (Booth 2403) with an award-winning collection of model horses and accessories that will steal the hearts of horse-loving girls across the country.

From the sophisticated world of Thoroughbred racing and champions like Zenyatta to the magical fantasy of the winged Wind Dancers and exquisitely detailed miniature realism of Breyer's Stablemates®, Breyer creates the worlds most beautiful and sought after model horses. For more than 60 years, Breyer has developed contemporary, classic and playful collections of model horses that have instilled an enduring love of horses in children, as well as collectors, for this iconic stable of steeds.

Breyer's collections have reached iconic status among girls for the role play they inspire and the incredible realism of its model horses and accessories. From the youngest girls who adore Breyer's adorable Pony Gals® line to 'tweens' and teenagers whose rooms seem somehow incomplete without a Breyer model or more decorating their shelves, Breyer offers model horses that inspire cult-like status! Girls who dream of owning horses one day can start their journey with plush ponies or Breyer's 'portrait' models of Olympic champions like Sapphire, Cedric and Headley Britannia.

And Breyer is always on a mission as well! This year, Breyer has partnered with the ASPCA to create an ASPCA Benefit Model Set which includes a horse, dog and cat and will raise funds to benefit ASPCA programs. Breyer also has a animal rescue set and truck and trailer for transport!

And don't miss Breyer's collaboration with Elvis Presley Enterprises to bring the King of Rock & Roll's Graceland Stables Collection to life. From plush to resin, Breyer honors the horses that Elvis and his family loved with beautiful replicas and a miniature version of Graceland Stable!

But Breyer does more than inspire role play and a love of animals; Breyer's Activity Sets unleash girls' inner artists as they sculpt, paint and draw their favorite animal, the horse! With Breyer's complete sets (and perhaps a visit to the stable for inspiration), Breyer activity kits will both absorb and fascinate! Breyer's collaboration with Macmillan's children's publishing has created a world of content for its Wind Dancers fantasy horses for young readers as well as its Breyer Horse Collection chapter books for middle grade readers.

While other "hot" toys have come and gone, Breyer has continued to create beautiful model horses and accessories that have achieved cult and heirloom status all in one product! It's because each Breyer model is a work of art that starts with a hand-sculptured clay model and every horse is hand-painted and hand-finished. These horses are more than merely toys; Breyer creates enduring collectibles and starts young children on a journey of education and exploration of the most historic and beloved animal that has ever lived - the horse.

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