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Small World Toys


Torrance, CA - (Virtual Press Office) - Small World Toys, based in Torrance, California and makers of Ryan's Room®, Neurosmith®, IQ Baby®, Gertie® Ball, All About Baby® and Active Edge® products is proud to announce its 50th anniversary in 2012. The company will be kicking off festivities at the 109th annual International Toy Fair in New York.

Small World Toys is one of the oldest privately held toy companies in the U.S. Over its illustrious history, the company has experienced a tremendous amount of success as the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of high quantity toys to the specialty toy market. The company has also faced its share of adversity. With the advent of several ownership changes in the mid-2000's, changing market conditions and increased competition, Small World Toys faced the daunting task of having to reinvent itself several times in order for the company to survive and thrive in the ever changing and constantly challenging toy market.

Small World's turnaround from the tumultuous times it experienced over the last 5 years is nothing short of amazing. Faced with a shrinking specialty market customer base, challenging economic times constantly changing consumer buying patterns and increased competition from video games and electronic toys, Small World Toys has managed to grow its business by finding new channels of distribution within the specialty toy and gift markets, forging closer relationships with its customers, strengthening its core brands with fresh new products and aggressively entering and becoming an instant major player in the arts & crafts category.

With the advent of Vertex Capital, a private equity firm from New York acquiring Small World Toys in 2009 and under the direction of its new President, Guy Ironi, Small World Toys formed a strategic partnership with a major European maker of arts & craft kits in the fall of 2010. As a result, Small World Toys launched an unprecedented 100 new and unique arts & crafts items in the U.S. market in 2011, taking the market by storm. In 2012, over 50 new items are planned for launch in June.

In an effort to strengthen its core brands, Small World Toys will launch over 150 new items within its successful Ryan's Room, IQ Baby, Neuorsmith, All About Baby and Gertie Ball brands. There are also several items that will be unveiled at Toy Fair that could very well be among the hottest toys of 2012!

To schedule a Toy Fair appointment, please contact Len Latona, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at (480) 369-6977. Come visit Small World Toys' booth #1837 and join in our 50th celebration!

Here is a preview of Small World Toys' most anticipated new products for 2012.

  • Within its Arts & Crafts Fashion range, Small World Toys will be launching several great new items including the Haute Couture Fashion Studio. Fashion Studio features a real sewing machine, fashion prints, appliques, mannequins and a detailed instruction booklet that enables girls to become a high-fashion clothing designer for their 11" fashion dolls. SRP: $49.99

  • Two of the most successful Creative Arts & Craft sets from 2011, the Etch-a-Tag Engraver and Build an R/C Sport will be expanded upon with an Etch-a-Tag Engraver for girls and more build and race sports cars. SRP range: $24.99--$29.99

  • Small World Toys will expand its Science category with an amazing array of Circuit Science, Solar-Powered, Detective and Outdoor Activity sets designed to expand curious minds. One of the most anticipated items of the year is the new build it yourself 3 in 1 Digital Camera. It's a web cam, video camera and digital camera all in one! SRP range: $24.99--$49.99

  • Small World Toys will further expand its Neurosmith® branded line with the new and exciting Musical Touch® Sound-Sation. Musical Touch® Sound-Sation is a game where children become musical instruments. Hilarity ensues when children complete a circuit by touching the game and tapping other players to create musical tunes, percussion and animal sounds. SRP: $24.99

  • The All About Baby doll category is getting a major face lift in 2012 with the addition of three interactive function dolls: My Rascals®, Jessica and Daphne.

  • My Rascals® are three siblings: Coco, Cupcake and Cookie that become your own interactive play pals! Adorable, large-stuffed dolls that talk, sing eat, laugh and sleep. Rascals interact with a child, their own accessories and with each other. When the Rascals interact with each other, it opens up a new play pattern with songs, games and conversation. SPR: $49.99

  • Jessica is an adorable doll with a mind of its own. Ask her up to twelve different questions and she responds in three different, random ways each time you ask a question. SRP: $49.99

  • Daphne is a 20" baby doll that magically grows to 24" right before your eyes! Feed her once and she babbles and cries like a real baby. Feed her a second time and watch her grow to a 24" toddler doll with a vocabulary. SRP: $49.99

  • Gertie® Ball is has a whole new look in 2012 with bolder, brighter packaging. SRP range: $5.99--$19.99

  • Ryan Room® is featuring a significant infusion of new product in 2012 with Floor puzzles, clickity- clack Gear Puzzles, City Service Wooden Vehicles and Refrigerator Magnets. SRP range: $12.99--$24.99.

  • The Small World Living® category will feature the new Deluxe Double Dip Ice Cream Maker and Super Slush Snow Cone Maker. SRP: $39.99--$49.99

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