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Double Take

R&R Gets the Party Started with 3 New Games

New York, NY - (February 12, 2012) - Let the games begin at the start of Toy Fair 2012 when R&R Games, Inc. unleashes three all-new party games.

R&R's Toy Fair Booth #6027 will be party central as attendees with get a chance to experience the new Doubletake™, Pluckin' Pairs™ and PASS-ACKWORDS™ games.

Frank DiLorenzo, President of R&R Games, said, "Party games have been consistent, successful, long-term products for us and we are pleased to have an assortment of excellent quality, original games to add to our party game category this year."

In the new Doubletake (MSRP $19.95 for 4 or more players, ages 12 & up), R&R asks, "What do you get when TWO people have to act out one phrase together?" The answer is chaos, laughter and a whole lot of fun! In this game, each round has two random players co-star as they work to get the audience to blurt out the answers. The catch is… each actor only has half the phrase... but each player is acting out their part simultaneously! The other players try to score points by guessing the answer first despite the distractions. The actors score points for each correctly guessed phrase.

In Pluckin' Pairs™, players try to predict the most popular pairings. The new game (MSRP $19.95 for 3-8 players ages 12 & up) wants everyone to find out if they really know other people are thinking? To test your powers of prediction, players try to pluck the most popular pairs. Each player has 60 seconds to make 5 pairs from the images on the table. Match other players' pairings to gain points. The more matches, the higher the score!

For PASS-ACKWORDS, (MSRP $19.95 for 4 players ages 12 and up) each round offers a secret word with a list of clues to help figure it out. On your turn, you announce the worst clue possible off the list to try to disguise the secret word from your opponents. The trouble is that you want your teammate to guess correctly! Each turn, your list of possible clues shrinks while the hints get better and better. The first team to guess the word wins the round!

The three new party games are added to R&R award-winning party games category that already includes the company's best-selling game Time's Up!® and Time's Up! Title Recall®, as well as Smarty Party®, Pressure Point®, Ticked Off®, Take Your Best Shot®, Disorder®, Pants on Fire® and You Must Be An Idiot®.

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About R&R Games:
Based in Tampa, Florida, R&R Games, Inc. was established in 1996. The company has held true to founder Frank DiLorenzo's commitment to offering challenging fun to people through original games and toys. R&R's strict philosophy of designing and marketing high quality and innovative entertainment products has resulted in an ever-expanding product line of award-winning items. The R&R Games product line now includes the Hide & Seek Safari® and Hide & Seek Safari® Junior, as well as top-selling games, Times Up!®, Time's Up!® Title Recall, Masters of Venice®, Ticked Off®, Hey Waiter®, Pants on Fire™, Pressure Point®, Pig Pile®, Thingamajig®, Too Many Cooks®, Flea Circus®, Smarty Party®, You Must Be An Idiot®, Take Your Best Shot®, and Disorder®. For further information on R&R Games, visit and get all of the most up-to-date, immediate information and interact with the company on Twitter and Facebook.